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KVS 6.0.0 update

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Update status

6.0.0 update status is BETA. For now we only provide this update per request, as it is not yet tested well on different active projects. If you want to have your project to be updated to 6.0, please create support ticket with specifying domain that you want to be updated.


Update requirements

  • KVS 5.0.0+ (earlier versions should be updated to KVS 5.0.1 first).
  • PHP 7.1 - 7.4 (PHP 8 is not yet supported).

If you haven't yet updated KVS to 5.0.1, then please do, you can find KVS 5.0.1 update information here: KVS 5.0.1 update

Important notes for 6.0.0

  • There is a small issue during update procedure that comes from changing to the new admin panel code - admin panel will show you unexpected error after you copy update files to your server. This is because your browser still have the old admin panel JS in memory - so what you need is page refresh to load the new admin panel JS.
  • Please check KVS 5.5.0 and vertical screenshots issue in old projects issue if you didn't yet update to this version.
  • Please check important notes for 5.4.0 if you didn't yet update to this version.
  • Please check important notes for 5.2.0 if you didn't yet update to this version.


6.0.0 update procedure

Any project starting from 5.0.0 can be updated to 6.0.0 with one only procedure. Depending on your current KVS version, update procedure may contain additional steps for older versions.

You must use KVS update plugin in order to update your project. For update you will need:

  • KVS update ZIP archive for your project and its hash code for update plugin (contact support in beta phase to get these).
  • FTP connection to your project so that you can upload files.

Update procedure has the following steps:

  • Create backup using Backup plugin.
  • Upload update ZIP into KVS update plugin and specify hash code.
  • KVS update plugin will notify you if there are any custom changes in KVS system files, which will be overridden by update (player skins are not checked here, so they will be silently updated if have custom changes).
  • KVS update plugin will update database automatically.
  • KVS update plugin will ask you to copy files from the archive on top of your project using FTP or filesystem copy. Please make sure you are NOT USING sync functionality in your FTP client, which will delete many files on your server, because obviously update archive contains only part of all files. What you need is just to drag and drop files from update archive on top of your project root folder and confirm their re-writing (excluding _INSTALL folder, it doesn't need to be copied).
  • KVS update plugin will verify the updated files and finalize update procedure.
  • Use System audit plugin to verify that everything looks good.


Whats new in KVS 6.0.0

End of support for KVS 4.x, new admin panel GUI, player advertising enhancements, support for coinpayments.net and other
enhancements. Please find some screenshots and description about various new features in KVS 6 Nextgen Admin preview.

With the new admin panel we decided to start a new KVS livecycle branch - v6. This branch will become a step towards migrating KVS backend code to a new framework that we call "KVS nextgen". Many nextgen things are already under the hood, but they are only visible in some places at the moment. During the 6th branch livecycle we will gradually increase the availability of new architecture across the whole product, the future work will become easier, as well as our ability to deliver more conceptual features.

The new branch means end of support for 4.x branch, the last version of which was released almost 4 years ago.

1) Admin panel general GUI enhancements:

  • New admin panel design that also looks nicely on mobile devices. There are new colors, icons and same control look and feel across different browsers.
  • Calendar controls for date and time picking.
  • Updated selector controls now support displaying details of the selected items, highlighting selected items and more grouping options when displaying full lists, and indicating activated filters if results are filtered.
  • Popups now support move and resize actions with 'memory' function. All popups are classified into different types and can be positioned differently, e.g. upload popup, list selector popup, preview popup and other.
  • Instead of using browser built-in alert / confirmation dialogs KVS will now render its own custom popups with support for resize and reposition. Destructive actions will be highlighted for more attention.
  • Progress bars will now show details of what they are actually doing right now in addition to progress %.

2) Admin panel grid enhancements:

  • Named presets are now supported in most of grids. You can create as much presets as you want, with the needed set of filters, columns and sorting. Quickly switch between different grid views for different tasks.
  • At any time it will be possible to reset to the default grid view by choosing the Default preset.
  • Grid GUI will now display only the currently active filters. Each filter can be easily changed / removed without any additional clicks.
  • Grid customize popup will support Ctrl+S combination for quick submit.
  • Grid number of items per page can be quickly switched between multiple predefined numbers; also any custom number can be entered if needed.
  • Grid item selectors will summarize the whole number of selected items at the top.
  • Destructive actions are highlighted in grid menu.
  • Each grid link will now produce its own menu with ability to open editor of the clicked object, or add it to the filter, or replace the current filter with filtering by this object. Not long ago we changed this from "editor" kind of link to "add to filter" kind of link and the new behavior turned out to be confusing for some.
  • Grid header, grid pagination and batch actions will always be visible regardless of grid height, the scrolling will be applied to data items only.

3) Admin panel editor enhancements:

  • All editor sections are not collapsible with 'memory' function.
  • All selector controls (where applicable) are now capable to create new data on the fly, e.g. similar like it was possible to create new categories on the fly when editing a video, it will also be possible to create content source, or channel, or user. Also in import and massedit.
  • Editor actions will always be visible regardless of editor height, the scrolling will be applied to editor content only.

4) Smarty template editor control introduced with rich-editing features:

  • Smarty syntax highlight is fully supported (e.g. keywords, strings, variables, modifiers, numbers).
  • HTML tags have basic highlight with only tag names highlighted.
  • Line numbers are displayed on the side gutter.
  • Smarty block match is highlighted: when you put cursor on the starting or ending tag KVS will highlight the whole block for clear scope understanding.
  • Most common smarty syntax errors are highlighted, like for example missing of a closing tag.
  • Fullscreen editing is now possible with quick save action - ability to quickly save template without editor reload; thus will be much easier to debug template changes without major distraction on page reload and scrolling.
  • Smart tabulator function will allow quickly moving blocks around with Tab and Shift+Tab combinations.

5) Bunch of player enhancements:

  • Better detection of adblocking plugins and also % of users with adblocking software will now be available in player stats.
  • Adblock detection added to player API as another player event. This can now be used by theme developers to detect adblock without adding 3rd-party plugins (which can themselves be blocked by adblock).
  • HLS support in VAST advertising.
  • Pre-roll and post-roll VAST advertising can now be connected to video content sources via custom fields.
  • Popunder advertising can be configured to skip several videos before the first trigger; also player stats will record the number of popunder activations.
  • Embed codes will now allow multiple traffic tracking parameters.

6) Albums editor finally changed to allow uploading multiple images with a single upload. Previously you had to either upload images one by one, or pack them into a ZIP file. Now you can simply select multiple files at once.

7) Site debug function will now work much better: it will follow template layout and will only display blocks that are actually rendered with the current request (previously it would display all blocks configured on the page). Also it will list variables that were set in Smarty template and their actual values at the end of template rendering.

8) Added support for coinpayments.net crypto billing.

9) Video review section was extended by displaying up to 5 similar videos for the one that was recently uploaded. This should help easily identify potential duplicates and reject them.

10) Upload max size limit will not be applied to admins anymore.

11) IP limit in video file protection function will stop counting preview trailers. Previously it could be really hard to configure reasonable limit when using video previews on mouse over, because user can trigger many previews without actually viewing a single video. Now we changed this by not counting requests to video format with "_preview.mp4" postfix, and also to any formats that have more than 1 part and duration limit of less than 30 seconds.

12) In Settings -> Anti-spam settings we added an option to prevent applying blacklisted words to user feedbacks. Normally you would want to disallow users posting links into comments, so you can add a blacklisting regexp for it, but in feedbacks you would normally expect users to send you some links. Now you can make sure that none of such feedbacks will be considered as spam.

13) In mass select GUI it is no more required to choose between IDs or URLs when specifying list of items to be selected, KVS will automatically identify when you specified an ID or URL.

14) Added user donation (gift) stats.

15) Video and album stats can now be grouped by content sources and channels to see aggregated stats for them.

16) Website UI -> Search in theme can now also search in theme JS and CSS files. Also search results are grouped by their type.

17) KVS admin panel will now show warnings for content protection issues on storage servers and primary server if finds ones.

18) Backup plugin was extended to allow deleting old backups from admin panel.

19) Google ReCAPTCHA plugin will now support any number of aliases.

20) Backend nextgen refactoring is on its way. In list blocks we added support for filtering by specifying direct object IDs that should be displayed or should not be displayed, support for text search and displaying related objects. Unfortunately at the moment we didn't yet switch commonly used categorization blocks to this new API, as we still need to put some work there. Will be definitely part of the next major update with these new features coming to all categorization.

21) Site blocks to upload videos and albums can now allow specifying publishing date in future.

22) Samsung Internet browser is added into the list of known browsers when configuring per-browser advertising.

23) Bugs that have been fixed:

  • [MEDIUM] If initial player volume was set to muted, the volume adjustment by user would not be saved in user settings and every next video would still be in muted mode.
  • [MEDIUM] When using search suggestions in extended format (videos + albums + other objects), search stats would contain partial search terms.
  • [LOW] Grabbers in some cases did not evaluate if the given URLs are duplicate and this was only done after downloading video files.
  • [LOW] FTP content uploader did not consider duplicate files if they were put into another directory.
  • [LOW] Anti-spam blacklisted words did not allow regular expressions with commas.
  • [LOW] Anti-spam blacklisted words could be tricked by spammers in some way.


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Nice :)

How PHP 8 will be supported if IonCube doesn't support it yet? PHP 8.1 is now supported, they may have skipped PHP 8.0.


11) IP limit in video file protection function will stop counting preview trailers.

==> Great, thank you !

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi guys!

1. Could you add to Filters "Content Source Groups". For example, I have my own videos and affiliate videos on my site. And if I want to see all the affiliates videos, I select the Content Source Group "Affiliates" and I get only them. I suppose filtering by groups would be useful for all categorizations: channels, models, categories etc.

2. There is creation date by Content Sources, Models etc. But there is NO renewed date (or how it is called on english..). For example content sources the way they are used on your demo site https://www.kvs-demo.com/sites/, i.e. as a sites reviews, it plays a much bigger role not when this review was written for the first time, but when it was updated (the site can exist for 20 years, and when I update its review, users cannot filter by the update date, and this review hangs somewhere 20 years ago. You need to either add an "update date" or add a calendar like by videos and albums so that we can change the creation date. This could be useful also for other categorizations - models for example - if I add some new information about model.




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