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  1. Great news! Finally we have built up everything together and can share our Nextgen Admin panel GUI to collect your feedback. Meanwhile we still need some time to adjust all admin panel functionality, the 90% of work is accomplished. Please take some time to play with the new functionality and let us know if you have something in your mind that needs to be enhanced. To see the demo version of the Videos grid and editor please login to KVS demo admin panel and click Nextgen item in the main menu: https://kvs-demo.com/admin/ Here is summary on the main changes and features. We also plan to introduce the dark skin when the main is finalized. General GUI The whole project was started with the new admin panel design that will also look nicely on mobile devices. There are new colors, icons and same control look and feel across different browsers: The old admin panel supported editors as popups, but in the new version we didn't yet manage to support this, so for the time being this feature will not be available. In future we will most likely return it. We finally introduced calendar controls: Selector controls now support displaying details of the selected items: All editor sections are not collapsible with "memory" function: List selector controls provide ability to skip filter when displaying filtered results: Popups now support move and resize actions with "memory" function. All popups are classified on different types and can be positioned differently, e.g. upload popup, list selector popup, preview popup and etc: Instead of using browser built-in confirmation dialogs KVS will now show its own (with resize and reposition memory option) and destructive actions highlight: Both grids and editors now have bottom bar fixed independent on scrolling, so the bottom actions are always available without the need to scroll down: Grid enhancements Here are main grid changes highlighted: Grid named presets are now supported. You can create as much presets as you want, with given filters, columns and sorting. Quickly switch between different grid views for different tasks. At any time it will be possible to reset to the default grid view by choosing Default preset. Grid will now display only the currently active filters. Each filter can be easily changed / removed without any additional actions. Grid customize popup will support Ctrl+S combination for quick submit. The number of items per page can be quickly switched between multiple predefined numbers. Grid item selectors will summarize the whole number of selected items at the top. Destructive actions are highlighted in grid menu. Each grid link will now produce its own menu with ability to open editor of the clicked object, or add it to the filter, or replace the current filter with filtering by this object.
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