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  1. This is standard procedure, please check with this page: https://www.kernel-video-sharing.com/en/services/#change_domain
  2. KVS demo won't allow anyone to hide news, this is specific behavior of demo site.
  3. This is strange, we don't see any reason for this. Please create support ticket.
  4. Please create support ticket for this issue, we need to take a look at logs.
  5. You can hide controlbar on pause using the following CSS: .kt-player.is-paused .fp-controls { display: none; } Player HTML node has unique classnames for each player state, so you can easily control GUI behavior with CSS.
  6. In video format settings it will now be possible to connect pre-roll and post-roll intros to video content source custom fields. This will provide ability to have different intros for videos from different content sources: In conversion server settings we previously added ability to configure which types of background tasks were allowed to run on a specific conversion server. But there was one exclusion that if conversion server is empty and has no running tasks, KVS would anyway put a task into it, even if this task has other type. Now we added additional option to configure
  7. Sorry, but we don't have any similar concept like this in KVS and we won't be able to add this feature in the nearest future, it looks like a very custom requirement.
  8. OK, we will think about it. I think content sources and channels should already support models. Or not clear what you mean. Not sure what grabbers should link models and content sources. I don't agree that toolbar should be hidden on pause. But you can mimic the same behavior for yourself by creating custom player skin and hiding player control bar after 5 seconds of player being put into pause mode. When you pause player, you may see it should have a classname in HTML, "is-paused" or something like that (you can find out in devtools). So you can make controlbar d
  9. Content sources will now support synonyms similar to categories, models and tags: Synonyms are typically used to provide alternate naming for objects, so that content import didn't add new duplicate objects with same meaning but different spelling.
  10. It is not that function that is shown on your screenshot. The option is named "Enable links obfuscation". It is located under "Enable protection for video download script", but I think it is a bug in old version that disabling the overall protection doesn't disable obfuscation automatically. So you have to enable protection and then disable obfuscation option (it will only appear after you enable protection). Then disable protection again, if you want to have it disabled.
  11. You can remove it by deactivating links obfuscation option in Settings -> Content settings -> Video download script protection settings.
  12. It doesn't make any sense to preload player JS, because it is loaded right in the place where it is being used. The preload only makes sense for font resources due to this issue: Browser loads CSS stylesheet Your CSS stylesheet refers external resources such as web fonts Browsers applies CSS stylesheet without web font Browser loads web font Browser applies the loaded web font So here in this chain of events there is a short delay between 3 and 5, which is 4 to load external font resource. During this delay your site may be using default (fallback) font f
  13. Thanks for posting this. KVS uses MyISAM by default, so it looks like you changed all your tables to InnoDB before that. With regard to disabling search stats, first of all you can do that from admin panel (Settings -> Stats settings). But without updating search stats you should consider that they will all be removed after some time. KVS doesn't keep search stats forever, they (if not manually created from admin) are kept for a certain period of time that you configure in stats settings. If you disable stats update, they will all be gone after some time. If you want to keep them
  14. In Settings -> Personal settings it will now be possible to mute some annoying notifications. Superadmins can mute only warnings and infos, and other admins can mute errors as well:
  15. There is no lazyload of poster in KVS player. This code is related to timeline screenshots.
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