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  1. It is only possible if they support FTP transfer protocol, otherwise not possible.
  2. It will need to be implemented in a specific way. There is no easy solution to copy something and make it easily working.
  3. KVS cannot use the same technique, because remote storage server script does not have any logic to download files.
  4. No, model grabbers still not supported.
  5. Sorry, we don't have time to work on themes. I guess this is permanent, as we have a huge overload on other KVS development tasks and need to push for nextgen implementation further. There are partners offering some new KVS themes, please check them out: https://kvs-themes.com/
  6. HLS format is not downloadable. If you want to provide download option you will have to keep MP4 files in addition to HLS. For example you have 1080p video. You can provide it in HLS in 1080p, 720p and 480p qualities, plus you can have 480p and 720p MP4 files for download. This will greatly increase your storage space, so kind of trade-off. Not much. The real power of HLS is that video quality is adjusted automatically based on user network speed, so that video plays without any slugging / delays. This is very important for long videos, and for mobile users with unstable network.
  7. You can add sponsors in Categorization -> Content sources, and you will have the same page.
  8. It is not clear what you are trying to do, please provide more details.
  9. Yes, we will add HLS support in future updates. Old projects will be able to switch to HLS for old videos (if enough disk space), or to only have this for new videos. Or to migrate old videos to new servers and create HLS formats for them. This requirement affects many functionalities in KVS, so need long time to do.
  10. You can do that via Settings -> Antispam Settings. You can configure that any new videos uploaded after the limit will trigger validation error, and you can customize its message like this (in Website UI -> Texts section): validation.video_edit.spam = Your uploading limit was reached for today
  11. If user didn't upload their avatar, theme CSS will show default image that you can customize in your CSS file in this style: .no-thumb { background: url("../images/kvs.svg") no-repeat center; } This also applies to categories, models and other categorization. So you may need to use some more specific CSS selector to specify image specific to members only.
  12. In Website UI -> Page components -> include_header_general.tpl find this block: {{foreach item="item" from=$lang.header.network_sites}} <li><a href="{{$item.link}}">{{$item.name}}</a></li> {{/foreach}} And add target="_blank" attribute into A tag: {{foreach item="item" from=$lang.header.network_sites}} <li><a href="{{$item.link}}" target="_blank">{{$item.name}}</a></li> {{/foreach}}
  13. This article provides step by step instruction on how to get categories dropdown in site header. Please note the CSS styles described here are not 100% perfect, as they in some way overlap with styles for upload item dropdown. Please adjust them as needed by your site design. Step 1. Go to Website UI -> Global blocks and click on Add block button at the bottom. In the new block line specify block name as Header Categories and under block type select list_categories. Save. Step 2. Open the newly appeared Header Categories block for editing. Configure block parameters as needed, e.g. items_per_page if you want to limit the number of categories displayed, and other filters if you want to limit which categories are displayed. Enter the following code into template code area and save: {{if count($data)>0}} <li class="drop"> <span>{{$lang.header.primary_menu_categories}}</span> <ul> {{foreach from=$data item="item"}} <li> <a href="{{$lang.urls.videos_by_category|replace:"%DIR%":$item.dir|replace:"%ID%":$item.category_id}}">{{$item.title}}</a> </li> {{/foreach}} </ul> </li> {{/if}} Step 3. Go to Website UI -> Page components -> include_header_general.tpl for editing. Find the <LI> node that renders categories menu item, similar to this: <li {{if $page_id=='categories_videos' || $page_id=='categories_albums'}}class="selected"{{/if}}> <a href="{{$lang.urls.categories_videos}}" id="item6">{{$lang.header.primary_menu_categories}}</a> </li> And replace it with this block insert: {{insert name="getGlobal" global_id="list_categories_header_categories"}} Step 4. To make styles look better, add the following basic styling into your theme CSS file: .navigation .primary .drop > span { display: block; position: relative; background-color: #e0dfdf; padding: 12px 38px 12px 17px; cursor: pointer; } .navigation .primary .drop > span:after { position: absolute; z-index: 1; content: "\e901"; font-family: "icomoon" !important; speak: none; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; font-variant: normal; text-transform: none; line-height: 1; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; font-size: 5px; top: calc(50% - 1px); right: 20px; will-change: transform; -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; backface-visibility: hidden; -webkit-transform: translateY(-50%) rotate(0); transform: translateY(-50%) rotate(0); -webkit-transition: -webkit-transform 0.3s; transition: -webkit-transform 0.3s; transition: transform 0.3s; transition: transform 0.3s, -webkit-transform 0.3s; } .navigation .primary .drop:hover > span { background-color: #276fdb; color: #fff; } .navigation .primary .drop:hover > span::after { -webkit-transform: translateY(-50%) rotate(180deg); transform: translateY(-50%) rotate(180deg); }
  14. There is no technical way to move files from one FTP to another FTP without copying them to primary server. If you want to move files yourself, you can do that by directly copying them from one server to another using server shell and then just run sync in KVS to make sure all files are checked.
  15. Please read what's new: It is possible to restore the old behavior in Settings -> Personal settings.
  16. Please go to Website UI -> Language files -> default and find these lines: header.network_name = header.network_sites.1.name = Site1name header.network_sites.1.link = http://google.com header.network_sites.2.name = Site2name header.network_sites.2.link = http://google.com These are where you can edit name and URL, and also you can easily add more items by using number 3, 4 and etc.
  17. Yes, we will be working on this feature. The reason why it takes so long is that we decided to start rolling out nextgen architecture and we decided that all new features will be implemented using nextgen code. This will take some longer, because we need to design and test the core architecture code itself. Right now KVS doesn't have notification functionality at all.
  18. No, format size is a unique format identified (a directory on filesystem), so you can't have 2 formats with the same size. Should be slightly different sizes. It shows that format status is required, which means this format will be created for all videos. Unlike video formats, screenshot formats have only this active status, so all existing screenshot formats if they are not in the process of creation / deletion will have this status.
  19. Did you probably delete old JPG format? It is not possible to have only WebP format for thumbs, because not all browsers still support it. So you have to use both JPG and WebP formats, that's why theme settings page has JPG format required.
  20. Better not delete, but comment it out - add # at the line start as in our example.
  21. One of the easiest way would be commenting out this line in /.htaccess file: #RewriteRule ^upload-video/$ member_profile_my.php?type=upload_video [L,QSA] This will make standard upload URL returning 404. You will also need to adjust header template to remove the upload link from there. In this case upload links will only remain from channel pages.
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