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  2. No, format size is a unique format identified (a directory on filesystem), so you can't have 2 formats with the same size. Should be slightly different sizes. It shows that format status is required, which means this format will be created for all videos. Unlike video formats, screenshot formats have only this active status, so all existing screenshot formats if they are not in the process of creation / deletion will have this status.
  3. I added jpg back and voila it stopped showing !! missing !! I can now able to add webp format, even after doing everything right it is still showing jpg, i couldn't understand why. Also confirm me is it not possible to add same sizes for webP and JpG?
  4. Did you probably delete old JPG format? It is not possible to have only WebP format for thumbs, because not all browsers still support it. So you have to use both JPG and WebP formats, that's why theme settings page has JPG format required.
  5. Better not delete, but comment it out - add # at the line start as in our example.
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  7. So i was trying to change my screenshot format to webP from jpg by following thread https://forum.kernel-video-sharing.com/topic/127-how-to-use-webp-format-in-kvs/ but I don't know what i messed up, I am seeing Video thumbs JPG format (*): !! missing !! and could not proceed further. Can you please help assisting me to fix the issue? Thanks
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  9. "Commenting out this line" Do you mean erase that line out of the file?
  10. How to hide access to admin panel 5.5.0 /admin to /admin_hide
  11. One of the easiest way would be commenting out this line in /.htaccess file: #RewriteRule ^upload-video/$ member_profile_my.php?type=upload_video [L,QSA] This will make standard upload URL returning 404. You will also need to adjust header template to remove the upload link from there. In this case upload links will only remain from channel pages.
  12. KVS doesn't support any crypto payment gateway at the moment.
  13. Is there a way to set up a payment processing to accept bitcoin as payments?
  14. Im wondering if there is a way to shut off uploading on the site and having only people that own a channel be able to upload. When I shut off uploading it does not allow anyone to upload. We want to only have channel owners be able to upload not everyone else.
  15. Hello My team can help you with developing custom solution for your webcam site based on your needs and requirements. Please hit me up via email adulthtml@gmail.com, skype: adult-html or telegram: https://t.me/adulthtml to discuss further details. Regards.
  16. Not exactly correct :) KVS doesn't know anything about user screen size, screen size is a client-side (browser) feature, while KVS is a server-side script. Your theme template instead should instruct browser to load the correct image size using available HTML5 techniques, something similar to this: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_picture.asp Even if we decide to make this as default behavior in the newer theme version, old projects will not get this anyway because we can't update themes along with updating KVS.
  17. Hello, I sent you a private message about the grabber you developed. May I ask for a reply, please? Thanks You & Kind Regards, Matyko
  18. We use OVH advance servers for storage solution.
  19. KVS should load correct size for user screen device. otherwise the website will become heavy for everyone. (why a desktop user or an old phone user load higher resolution when his screen doesnt benefit it?) High end mobile device ---> See bigger size.
  20. It can be done simply with using flags. Right now flags are used to report videos, like DMCA, Not working and etc. But you can create as much flags as you want and use them on your discretion. Flags allow you specify that voting for a flag will deduct tokens from user's balance. Therefore you can use flags to donate your site by creating "Donate 100 coins", "Donate 200 coins" and etc. flags and rendering them in a separate form inside video block.
  21. You can create bugger screenshot size in Settings -> Screenshot formats, then wait for it to be created, then in Website UI -> Theme settings choose the bigger size for video screenshots instead of old size.
  22. M3Server have the options to deploy storage server. But, they told the script doesn't support the full content conversion server or CDN from M3. Do you have ideas how to make CDN work for M3Server?
  23. Yes, a really great suggestion. Can you get some insight about how to achieve bigger screenshots and "shrink" them in KVS default theme?
  24. Hi, Is there any way to donating tokens for videos and albums the people like to the webmaster(to the main admin account) or deduct the amount of tokens as the user likes to pay from the video view or the album view. Help is much appreciated. This is a really awesome feature if can be applied and we just give the option for the users to donate as they like and doesn't force them to pay. Please help with the theme changes required to make this work from the video view page and album view page. Thanks a lot in advance for any help or suggestion about how to acheive this monetisation option or the ultimate package with full source code. Once again a Big thanks for everyone who can add some contribution about how to achieve the above mentioned goal.
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  26. Just create bigger screenshots and "shrink" them in your theme.
  27. I want to add a new content server, but I still don’t know where to buy it. I hope you can recommend some purchase links for me.
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