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  1. Hi, I have been having these issues on and off even users are experiencing the same issue and its extremely annoying and causes frustrations. Its 100% an cloudflare issues because the same issue dissapears when I turn cloudflare off. How can I bypass cloudflare entirely when just uploading? for instance just using an subdomain for uploads as an example? Uploads through cloudflare simply just breaks from time to time.
  2. Did the same will report back with the info. I will say though adding * video after the title is extremely ugly XD so I hope it works without
  3. Hi KVS, I was wondering if once HLS is implemented is there also a way to get Edge servers working? I know content servers are easy. But its alot cheaper if I could just grab a 10GB/s server with 1TB nvme and cache HLS parts instead of having another 20TB of storage attached each group. Let me know Thanks!
  4. You break the ToS if you stream videos from the R2. You need to use cloudflare stream. Doing the other will get you banned from using their service.
  5. Just curious does this mean that if I have lets say a satellite. That I can display only the content/tags/categories/models that are related to that specific satellite configuration?
  6. Is there an update soon? That way I know if I should update to this version or just wait for the next :D ?
  7. The only way to get 100 is to not use ADS. if you have ad scripts the result is gonna tank.
  8. If you have 3 different storage servers as an example with 3 different datacenters. I dont really see any reason for a backup. If your site is more personal than ofcourse you need backups. But for a P*rn site I cannot backup 200tb of data somewhere.
  9. Fight fire with fire. Get your own bots to put upvotes!
  10. Can we perhaps get an option to mass remove the description from videos?
  11. You don't really need to backup your content. This seems like an impossible task. Having multiple storage boxes per group 2+ in different datacenters is the way to go.
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