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  1. No manual action taken. I'm in the OF leaks scene, not sure if some keywords have perhaps been targeted in this update. My second tube, which is smaller, has not been affected for some reason, despite having many similar videos but different SEO.
  2. My traffic suddenly spiked on March 6, and consecutively started dropping on March 7 to approximately a decrease 60-70% percent. Brutal... How about you?
  3. The sitemap doesn't locate the re-indexed videos, but rather lists the old /videos/ links which are no longer crawled, thus the result is 0 indexed videos according to the sitemap.
  4. Indexed videos seem to be fine now, but the change from /videos/ to /video/ might have caused an issue with the sitemap. Might sitemap perhaps need an update?
  5. I know, I was hoping a fellow forum member would shed some light on the issue.
  6. Despite the growing traffic to my website, I have noticed that my videos are often difficult to find when reverse googling the video title. This is even the case when there is literally no overlap with video titles from other sites, and according to Google search console the videos are indexed and have not been DMCA censored. Example is video title Swedish Blonde Natural Nadia Amateur Sextape and <meta name="description" content="Swedish Blonde Natural Nadia Amateur Sextape"/> If you google it, my website won't show up, unless u put my website's name at the end. I am not sure what I might be doing wrong compared to sites like heavyfetish.com and pimpbunny.com which do not seem to have this problem, but I couldn't find an explanation when looking at their source page. Is it maybe an issue with the sitemap or robots file preventing google bot from properly pulling the info?
  7. I have been using Alex Host best offshore provider when it comes to price-performance, not a single other provider out there with a reliable track record that long offering what they do for that price.
  8. Results by only applying step 1. Naturally there are quite a few videos with 'video' in the middle or end of the title and/or description.
  9. Thanks! I will just do step 1 for now and report back
  10. Found this interesting post https://support.google.com/webmasters/thread/252395207?authuser=1&hl=en
  11. Virtually all my videos have been de-indexed using default KVS theme...
  12. New theme looks okay. I don't see a lot of extra functionality over the free default theme though. What justifies the 200 pricetag? Like, can you toggle extra things on/off in the admin panel? Like I see that the thumb borders are rounded off, can that be toggled off for example? Access to a demo admin panel would be welcome
  13. Can it be that the included Tube8 grabber needs to get updated? Tried adding login credentials to the grabber, but that doesnt work either.
  14. This message No active servers found in server group 1, skipping this task is what I get when I try to download and upload a video using one of the grabbers. Thus its not uploading the video. How do I fix this? Searched on forum and couldnt find the issue.
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