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  1. You appear to be saying that due to perfect design the KVS default theme without any external scripts, advertising or any changes to templates will always achieve mobile performance 95%. Is this correct?
  2. Noted. What design adjustments and enhancements did you do the the demo to get the mobile performance result 95 you previously reported?
  3. The on page SEO check by seobility I run periodically identifies some issues with headings structure in general and H1 headings in particular. I've previously considered this to be a secondary issue and not attempted to correct. As you suggest it probably is detrimental for Google indexing.
  4. Disabling Google Recaptcha as you suggested is an improvement but still short way short of the benchmark demo results for mobile.
  5. You had a lot more traffic than me to start with. I noticed steady decline during April and then little further change during May approx. When you say your site is "fast" - how do you define/measure this? What do you think is the future strategy for Google indexing now? In terms of off site, it seems to me that the backinks industry will be less useful perhaps.
  6. Results without Google Analytics. Desktop pretty fine but mobile significantly poorer. Would be good to get any feedback on why the difference and how to rectify please? Desktop: Mobile:
  7. Would be interesting to know which version of Linux do you intend to use and if a panel (Fastpanel or another)? What is the test script in section 14?
  8. Please could you provide some more info on this? Do you provide a CSS file to replace the KVS default? Are there any changes to the tpl files?
  9. This format worked? (Rather than the tech support format?) Why did youfocus on the issue with this line - to improve indexing?
  10. Did you get this working as you preferred?
  11. This is the official statement on the update: https://blog.google/products/search/google-search-update-march-2024/ https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2024/03/core-update-spam-policies There is mention of "manual action" in the thread, how would this happen and work?
  12. Ok ty for confirming. There does appear to be a trend now for "Video not processed" Google's dedciption for this doesn't give much of an insight into how to correct: Anyone else noticing this trend also?
  13. Your URL pair is named sightly different to mine. My pair finish: ....abcxyz.MP4 & ....abcxyz_720p.MP4 Yours finish: ....abcxyz_360p.MP4 & ....abcxyz_720p.MP4 Why would this be the case and what can I do to adjust to match yours, if your URL is treated more favourably by indexing?
  14. Quite a few video pages fail to get indexed with the message "Video not processed". It seems the crawler detects two URLs for the video, one typically named such as https://www.abcabcabc.com/.....mp4 described as "structured data" and the second URL the same except "_720p.mp4" at the end described as html tag. Is this normal, if not or causing the index failure, is there any setting causing it that could be corrected?
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