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  1. Did you get this working as you preferred?
  2. This is the official statement on the update: https://blog.google/products/search/google-search-update-march-2024/ https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2024/03/core-update-spam-policies There is mention of "manual action" in the thread, how would this happen and work?
  3. Ok ty for confirming. There does appear to be a trend now for "Video not processed" Google's dedciption for this doesn't give much of an insight into how to correct: Anyone else noticing this trend also?
  4. Your URL pair is named sightly different to mine. My pair finish: ....abcxyz.MP4 & ....abcxyz_720p.MP4 Yours finish: ....abcxyz_360p.MP4 & ....abcxyz_720p.MP4 Why would this be the case and what can I do to adjust to match yours, if your URL is treated more favourably by indexing?
  5. Quite a few video pages fail to get indexed with the message "Video not processed". It seems the crawler detects two URLs for the video, one typically named such as https://www.abcabcabc.com/.....mp4 described as "structured data" and the second URL the same except "_720p.mp4" at the end described as html tag. Is this normal, if not or causing the index failure, is there any setting causing it that could be corrected?
  6. All advertizing set to inative. Now Video Page - Desktop Video Page - Mobile Google analytics is still on. It seems there is no effect on the desktop. Mobile is very poor slightly worse than before. It does appear there is something going on here that is not reasonably explained by 3rd party advertizing.
  7. 9 million monthly users, you must be doing the right things! For me the desktop stats seem quite reasonable but for mobile arevery poor. Video Page - Desktop Video Page - Mobile Both the Google (Tag/recaptcha/analytics) and KVS (kt_player, main.minv8.5 & something else I'm not sure what it is) JS are referenced on the mobile report but not on the desktop. Desktop could be improved but probably not a big problem for index/user experience, but for mobile the performance looks quite disastrous!
  8. It would be interesting to know please, why you made the change to Fluid, and was it straightforward/successful to do?
  9. Is the youporn grabber working?
  10. This import failed, why might this be? [2024-02-09 09:40:04] INFO Starting new import 81689610 with 3 threads [2024-02-09 09:40:04] INFO Starting import thread 1 [2024-02-09 09:40:06] INFO Starting import thread 2 [2024-02-09 09:40:08] INFO Starting import thread 3 [Thread 1] [2024-02-09 09:40:04] Started import 81689610 [Thread 1] [2024-02-09 09:40:04] Import thread has 1 lines to process [Thread 1] [2024-02-09 09:40:04] Started line #1 [Thread 1] [2024-02-09 09:40:04] Grabbing gallery https://www.tube8.com/porn-video/82467011/... [Thread 1] [2024-02-09 09:40:05] Using grabber tube8.com [Thread 2] [2024-02-09 09:40:06] Started import 81689610 [Thread 2] [2024-02-09 09:40:06] Import thread has 1 lines to process [Thread 2] [2024-02-09 09:40:06] Started line #2 [Thread 2] [2024-02-09 09:40:06] Grabbing gallery https://www.tube8.com/porn-video/82307762/... [Thread 2] [2024-02-09 09:40:06] Using grabber tube8.com [Thread 3] [2024-02-09 09:40:08] Started import 81689610 [Thread 3] [2024-02-09 09:40:08] Import thread has 0 lines to process [Thread 3] [2024-02-09 09:40:08] Finished
  11. I noticed video pages being indexed now which is positive. However the overall number of pages indexed has fallen slightly, it seems to be pages with the "videos" in the url and the reason given "page with redirect". With the site urls now being "video" none of the "videos" pages should now be visible to the crawler - is that correct?
  12. Do you use the DigiRegs plugin to help manage/reduce DMCA requests? How do you mean keywords?
  13. The option, to name a model in a video or album. This would be to allow a user to suggest a name for a model on the video player page - is that correct? This would require development of the page smarty/html as well as the default theme (css)?
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