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  1. Please, help me, I would like to make the same, but I. need your help :(
  2. Yeah, problem is big , google make a lot of change of this, but I see a lot from KVS sites are working. With this change :) My competition of course :)
  3. Hello, Since December 5, there is a new algorithm for indexing video files. Have any of you noticed problems in Google Search Console using KVS that the number of videos indexed has decreased?
  4. I have ads, when I had a problem with banner ads I was making little delayed :)
  5. I have changed the player to Fluid. I don't use typical lazyload but classes for images by Google - https://web.dev/browser-level-image-lazy-loading/
  6. Hi, with versions of the KVS v6.1.0 and older, I was working very hard to get on homepage 100 with Google Lighthouse. On video page, I have similar results :) KVS, with good optimization, can make 100, I have one server with 9 million of users monthly. :)
  7. Ok, all is working fine, but how I can make authorization for upload new images to CDN server for example using FTP ? Like for videos ?
  8. Hello, for example I have website with links to last updated videos, and when I'm clicking on this I have url https://domainname.com/latest-updated/ Links are of course are indexed of google for https://domainname.com/latest-updated/2/, https://domainname.com/latest-updated/3/ but I would like to navigation pagination that browser are making new display and is not still page https://domainname.com/latest-updated/ in browser bar I need this because about dmca, thank you
  9. Did you use similar searches? Your database is myisam ? I have hope that not InnoDB :)
  10. Thank you for response, but if I wil write a script with Imagemagic and convert jpg posters on video will be ok?
  11. Is any trick to format on server posters on player and use it?
  12. Great, KVS is compatibile with webP images? Can I change in player jpg to webp?
  13. Hello, I was making optimalization for KVS for Google Core Vitals Update. And this is my result for mobile. A lot changes of server and with code off KVS, like JS, CSS, images, Varnish
  14. I mean about ktPlayer
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