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  1. For galleries I found its better to not touch the image and add any filter but for thumbnails and screenshots it makes them look good. for example spankbang thumbnails/screenshots looks very good. https://spankbang.com I found a good filter for imagemagick at this website but I am not able to scrape the command line codes from that, Any one can findout what he is using? http://www.fmwconcepts.com/imagemagick/adaptivegamma/index.php
  2. he is saying the pop shows on 2nd click not first one
  3. More than 76% of users browse web by mobile devices. Mobile phones scale up small thumbnails and images on website to fit them in their screen, While a 200x150 px thumbnail might look decent on a computer desktop, It will look low quality on a mobile because of upscaling. If you check the desktop version of KVS on a mobile device then you can see true size of thumbnails which are very small. Please look at these examples: (check it with your mobile) https://justifiedgrid.com/features/retina-ready/ Retina Ready websites will save thumbnails or gener
  4. I wish to do that How can I change my vote to it?
  5. I have a feature request. Right now we can not disable some video format for low tier countries. For example I want to disable 4k and 1080p video qualities for some low tier countries but thats not possible. The solution from support was to give a very low bitrate for those format on low countries to make playing them impractical. It has 2 problems. 1) It gives bad user experience, since visitors from those country can see the format is available but its slow, They think the whole website is slow. 2)By doing that I can not limit video bitrate globally, It means
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