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  1. I mean KVS use some sort of php script to download files from ftp right? Cant same script being copied inside storage servers so they can download files from each other?
  2. Can same technique that download files from Storage1 to main KVS be used for storage1 to storage2?
  3. I have 2 questions about HLS support. 1) Can users still download videos if we have already enabled download feature? 2) In terms of bandwidth efficiency, How much HLS is better than current one?
  4. so i have storage1 and I add storage2 to make it load balance and I sync it. but I see the data is moving from storge1 to KVS main server and then to storage2. Why is that? why videos doesnt move from storage1 to storage2 directly?
  5. KVS should load correct size for user screen device. otherwise the website will become heavy for everyone. (why a desktop user or an old phone user load higher resolution when his screen doesnt benefit it?) High end mobile device ---> See bigger size.
  6. After updating to 5.5.0 I notice a bug or strange behavior of KVS. In content feedback section if you click on the video title, It wont go to video edit page or the video URL on website, It just refresh the page. That makes no sense
  7. My early albums imagemagick setting wasnt good and I want to re-create them, However around 30,000 new albums with good setting has been added later, How can I select which album to be re-created from the source? I dont want to re-create every albums there.
  8. Something I don't understand is why Channel is placed into Video tab instead of Categorization and also why albums cant be assign to a Channel?
  9. Thats crazy low! Would you mind to share which part you modify?
  10. Is it possible to have a setup like this? copy database on 3 severs. and send 1/3 of visitors to each of them to divide loads between them
  11. This is very useful feature if we can set speed limit individually for each country without affecting global setting. Can you include this in future updates? Or include it into Poll for future updates
  12. I need to speed limit for every countries, Nowadays 1 client with 1 Gbps home internet connection may fillup my whole server internet connection. I have already done this part. But I need to put more limits for some countries such as India (less bitrate) and disable HD videos for that region, because the ad revenue from India is less than their BW cost.
  13. My global speed bitrate is 1.5 However I want to limit the speed for some specific countries that consume too much BW and the ad revenue is not much and also I want to disable 4k and HD for those countries For SEO purpose I dont want to fully block them.
  14. nice work, But how about mobile devices? I hope you will include this in next update and your team fix its css issues as well.
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