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  1. Hello, I sent you a private message about the grabber you developed. May I ask for a reply, please? Thanks You & Kind Regards, Matyko
  2. We use OVH advance servers for storage solution.
  3. Hello, Is this part of the documentation still up-to-date? Thank You, Matyko
  4. Hi, I've just heard this limitation can significantly increase the server load. What do you think? Maybe there should be a 2021 edition of this tutorial - not sure if the 'game' changed That Much though...
  5. Hint: we asked KVS support if it is an OK idea to buy servers, put them in the basement of my office on a gigabit LAN so the actual video encoding would happen locally. They said they have nothing against this. And this solution seems to be the best cost-wise. A second-hand server costs 200-300 USD / EUR, you need to buy graphics card for it [need to buy proper server for such cards]. We are just about to build this out, if anyone wants to join in in brainstorming, etc: get in touch with me! Kind Regards, Matyko Berenyi Owner/CEO @ NetConvert Ltd [ http://www.netconvert.net ] LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matykoberenyi/ Skype: live:matyko42 Cell/WhatsApp: +36304573092
  6. I can't tell if you are selling or buying KVS licenses. :) Thanks, Matyko
  7. Dear KVS Team, I am so happy for this article! We are struggling with this issue for months, and all we could think about is keep using the DEV satellite even for small developments. This article made me understand that this is Not the best practice - however it was very useful when we were working with the developers on our flagship site's redesign. The last approach seems to be perfect for us, and I am sure that the developers will support this too. Thank You & Keep up the good work on your amazing product! <3 <3 <3 Matyko, www.fapnado.com
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