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  1. Huge NO for Contabo!! All their IP ranges are blacklisted - the systems will not be able to send out quality emails. This will be possible only if you use 3rd party email solutions. This is a the price of email marketers abusing Contabo's offer, and Contabo ignoring the spammer presence. Contabo now is mostly used by crypto industry, in particular, masternode hosting (no email services are needed).
  2. Thank you for all your suggestions. Could you please go a bit more on this one? -- .. I am actually thinking of a solution > RClone + Storj
  3. Good afternoon, What is the process of a video being uploaded to KVS, using an Ultimate Licence and 3 server setup? One of the main questions, at this stage: Where is the video uploaded initially? To the server where the website is hosted, or directly to the conversion server? Thank you. Is there a technical documentation of this process? Thank you, Helmuts
  4. Good morning, Simple question: How do you backup your KVS servers and which solutions do you use? Acronis is great, of course, though really expensive. Also, do you backup your conversion servers? It would be great to hear what price-effective solutions you've found. Best wishes! Helmuts
  5. Many x industry webmaster are using KVS professionally. This is a great chance to create personal relationships with other kvs users, other hosting companies that provide servers for kvs.. and, as a bonus, there is a good chance that Stan from kvs will be there as well. :) is it worth it? 1000% for me.
  6. I have created a kvs favicon tutorial for my users (to whom I provide kvs servers): https://maria.zone/kvs-kernel-video-sharing-forum/how-to-add-favicon-to-your-kvs-site/ .. some of my users do not know even the basics of the web world > therefore it is made so ABC-ish. .. maybe some of the newer webmasters will find this helpful.
  7. What is the best approach to break the lines for the description field? I want to make it easier to be read by a real human, not only search engines. Thank you, Helmuts
  8. It seems that you are more interested into offshore servers than having difficulties managing these ;) .. it is ok.. mostly x industry is like this, if you don't find ways to get video content with rights to publish it on your tubes
  9. It would be great hearing of some approaches from users modifying these SEO texts. tx Helmuts
  10. @Anay Are you coming to TES (Prague) this September? .. it would be great to meet. And, what about you @hbarnetworks? It would be great to meet KVS users that have found the ways how to deal with traffic you both are getting. .. a friend of mine @Westcircle is also coming (his tube network is getting around 2.5 mil/month) -- I am planning to take a small stand there > I plan to attend both European TES conventions every year and will start offering KVS multi-server setup solutions.
  11. @Tech Support, and, of course, thank you for your replies!!! of course! uber valuable! I wish we had more valuable conversations like these :) Helmuts
  12. wow.. what a thread!!! @Anay and @hbarnetworks, how many videos do you have? do you remember at which point you started hosting the database/s remotely? looking in the future as one of my clients grows (his main site has around 14k videos and around 1.2mil users/month) > it is super valuable to know what awaits behind the corner. great day all!!
  13. [Update] Added new folders on conversion servers "/conversion2", created new corn jobs and added new conversion servers at the kvs dashboard (used the same servers and the same FTP users). All good now. .. magic ------- p.s. what are the best approaches for the hosting companies working with kvs clients on getting some basic support from kvs within reasonable expected time? emails, tickets, or something else? tx
  14. enabled debug, the system can't find some file: could you suggest where to look in next, please? tx
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