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  1. First you have to decide why you need remote database, if your traffic is growing and single server is not able to handle then you you should opt for remote db server. Have been successfully running KVS on external DB server for my clients and have been not issue. But as @Tech Support said, if they are across separate DC or Facilities, instead of gains, you will see deteriorated performance.
  2. @xvids, multiple DBs can be considered but better approach would be separation of read / write operation, it is pretty common with large operations or deployments.
  3. KVS with its caching is quite optimized but you have limits and hence as you grow you will need horizontal scaling. @Helmuts DNMUM.com, @Mich we have more than 200K videos and initially we went for vertical scaling but it was getting slow, now with horizontal scaling ie. cluster, its doing good and looks like it has quite a room left for future growth.
  4. You mean, for grabber you don't use proxy, then how you rotate IPs ?
  5. Which proxy server or setup you suggest if need to customize string etc. ?
  6. Grabbers use curl to make request, we use proxy to distribute grab jobs to multiple IPs however, is it possible to set custom user-agent via grabber or KVS already adds some user-agent in there ? And what are the optimal settings for proxy used for grabbing ?
  7. With READ-WRITE separation using ProxyQL, do you find any deadlock or other issues. How long you have been running the setup?
  8. Have already implemented sphinx search and it was helpful.
  9. Hello, We have been handling few high traffic KVS websites for our client and are using cluster of 3 big separate database servers for database load balancing. So far it is working fine and we can handle a lot more traffic now than compared to single DB server setup and that too with comparative lower expanses. However, time to time we are facing Deadlock Transaction issue. They are not much but we assume that in future with more traffic and increased write operations it could be an issue. And simple solution is to separate READ and WRITE operations at APP level. I went through previous multiple discussions here on KVS forums and I see that there is no Load Balancer support for Database yet. However, I was thinking, is it possible to configure KVS to separate READ and WRITE operations. Something in the order that via Config, instead of one DB server, we have ability to specify separate WRITE server and READ server, and if only 1 server is specified then it is used for both READ/WRITE operations. On coding level, though I have not seen any code but I am sure you must be using some custom layer/routine where all queries are centrally processed , so there we can use logic and send queries to separate servers based on function or routine called. ie if write or read. If it is already there or there is quick way around to achieve then would love to hear.
  10. Ok, understood. Hoping to get that feature soon.
  11. Totally understandable, however, is there any way to do something like sponsored feature ie. if some webmasters those are willing to pay some premium to expedite certain feature development. That way for certain fee, a feature may get added sooner than other and will also help community as well as your software.
  12. Ok, thank you, do we have some kind of roadmap or feature request section for KVS available ?
  13. Hi, Is there way to speed up execution of background tasks, say there is not much traffic and almost all the resource are idle, then I think it would be nice if we can clear the pending tasks and keeping the queue clean. I know we can increase priority of certain tasks but I am looking for way to speed up processing of all pending tasks. Is there any settings where we can decide how much tasks to be processed at once ?
  14. Hi, Google will eventually find your site and index it but to make it faster, try to promote your sites on social media, social sharing sites etc or blogs which it is allowed. And as naughtyking said, you can also register your site on google search console and upload your sitemap link there.
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