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What is your results from Google Light House ?

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Hi, with versions of the KVS  v6.1.0 and older, I was working very hard to get on homepage 100 with Google Lighthouse.

On video page, I have similar results :)

KVS, with good optimization, can make 100, I have one server with 9 million of users monthly. :)



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I agree, even using Google Analytics dramatically decreases this result.

But I think that the result above is actually with some advertising. The reason why Maciej has 100 is probably because he is tricking design to show red square image as the Largest Contentful Paint, which looks like something artificial, it is not the real page.

Here is screenshot from our demo video page:



Note that we actually have 2 image banners top and bottom of the player, so these ads do not bring any issue, as they are not LCP, and their loading is set to lazy.

The main issue our demo site is not having 100 index is due to these 2 reasons as I think:

1) Our player is still based on Flowplayer which has a lot of old / redundant code, so the loading size is quite high. We are working to get rid of this in some future.

2) The CSS file is loaded at the top in <head> and is render blocking. One of the solutions to avoid that would be to include some "major" layout styles inline the <head> and keep the rest of styles in CSS file and move it to footer. We can't do that at theme level, because it complicates things when different part of styles are located in different files, but you can do that on your own.

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On 10/3/2023 at 9:18 PM, hbarnetworks said:

The only way to get 100 is to not use ADS. if you have ad scripts the result is gonna tank.

I have ads, when I had a problem with banner ads I was making little delayed :) 

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