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Has anybody tried offering shared conversion server offers?

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please respect this thought as just a thought:

has anybody tried offering shared conversion server offers?

I am thinking to do a test: take 2 or 3 dedicated servers, and offer shared kvs conversion server packages. something like: 6 people max per server and £27 per person/month and no setup fees.

a crazy idea? it would probably be good to have small closed TG groups for these people that they can agree among themselves the times they need for larger jobs.

have you thought about it before?

any more ideas?



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20 minutes ago, Tech Support said:

We are working with providing much more cost effective solution built-in into KVS.

Yes, you are talking about a Local solution (not a Remote conv. server), is it?

Let us say, a person has the multi-server setup tube network, and he/she needs to save costs today (we all have been in situations like these) > this would allow to cut costs significantly on a conversion server. .. and, once the temporary money issue is resolved > he/she can move back into 1 or 2 conversion servers for his tube network without any difficulties. .. just one of the scenarios.

.. temporary storage server would be potentially more complicated.. would it?

hmm.. it would be really interesting to do a case study of loads on servers when business uses or doesn't use remote conversion servers. .. are there any? .. most probably, you guys at kvs have done some.. have you?

:) just thinking loud.



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We have a solution for cheaper encoding using GPU encoding instead of CPU.

AMD Epyc Servers (16 cores)  with two Nvidia 3060 TI start at 64 Euro per month and GPU can be split into two individual ( not shared) conversion streams.

A very powerfull and fast remote encoding for just 32 Euro.  Other graphics cards are available.

Interested we can setup a demo.

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