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  1. Hello I have worked for two of the largest adult webcams in the market a few years ago and also try to start my own. Tried two ready made scripts and had bad luck with both, End up paying for custom script. So my best advice is to develop a custom solution. If you need more info send me private massage. Or you could setup a special solution using some already established webcam API. If you have lots of traffic you could get up to %40 rev share without much work and investment. I also can give you direct contacts for some webcams , not the affiliate managers but top board guys. Regards JP
  2. Hello I guess your request is because you are running out of disk space. If so your best option is to create a server and connect it to your script server via NFS ( Network file system) create a symbolic link to /contents/videos_screenshots/
  3. On the server where you have the database the top process should be mysql followed by nginx or apache. Server running script should be nginx or apache (httpd) whatever you have installed. I use the tool gotop for monitoring servers . My wild guess is that you have a clog somewhere in the I/O process that spikes the server load.
  4. Do you have any panel or installed a Graphical server management ? Did you run "top" and check what process is creating the load? Did you check the SSD health ? I have a client with about 75K users daily running on a centos 8 machine with 125K videos , script and database same server. Xeon E3-1245v2 (4c/8th) - 32GB DDR3 1333 MHz - SoftRaid 2x480GB SSD
  5. Hello Is it possible to use this theme for a satellite using default theme with 16:9 thumbs? Also is it possible to add upload button or a link to main site upload page. Regards JP
  6. Hello Is there a way that user upload videos but videos are only visible for him? not private videos but normal videos, same function youtube has.
  7. It's not working Is the SQL query to be inserted on main site /admin/include/cron_custom.php or satellite cron_custom.php?
  8. Update If i add flag manually when cron runs it removes the flag , so probably some error on the custom code?
  9. It worked except for the automatic creation of the flag from videos uploaded from satellite. Do I have to use exactly "External id = uploaded_from_satellite"? I used uploaded_from_filmporno so i know from which satellite it was uploaded.
  10. Is it possible to add filter videos by satellite in next update? Let's say I have Main Site A and Satellite B , I would like to filter videos uploaded from Satellite B and in the process give administrators access only to videos uploaded from satellite sites. Or Show videos from Satellite B in Satellite B admin also so admin from satellite B can add , delete or changes videos only owned by him, Videos from all satellites will show on Main site too .
  11. Hi Looking to change how HD logo is displayed How to show HD logo to 1080P videos? because 720p is not really real HD Thank you
  12. OVH No problem with adult even if tube sites Contabo also no problem but not for tubes (free content) with user uploads , they tend not to like DMCA requests
  13. Looks good but honestly was aspecting something full screen responsive but i guess it can be changed later.
  14. Start with a good server and grow from that. If you can manage your servers OVH or contabo is a good start.
  15. Will the theme be for free trailers only or able to rental/sale movies too?
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