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Please add "Retina ready" feature to KVS


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More than 76% of users browse web by mobile devices.



Mobile phones scale up small thumbnails and images on website to fit them in their screen, While a 200x150 px thumbnail might look decent on a computer desktop, It will look low quality on a mobile because of upscaling. If you check the desktop version of KVS on a mobile device then you can see true size of thumbnails which are very small.


Please look at these examples: (check it with your mobile)



Retina Ready websites will save thumbnails or generally images at different resolution and it shows to visitors base on their device the correct resolution.



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On 9/20/2021 at 12:52 AM, simons said:

Just create bigger screenshots and "shrink" them in your theme.

KVS should load correct size for user screen device.

otherwise the website will become heavy for everyone.  (why a desktop user or an old phone user load higher resolution when his screen doesnt benefit it?)


High end mobile device ---> See bigger size.




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34 minutes ago, leonrak said:

KVS should load correct size for user screen device.

Not exactly correct :) KVS doesn't know anything about user screen size, screen size is a client-side (browser) feature, while KVS is a server-side script. Your theme template instead should instruct browser to load the correct image size using available HTML5 techniques, something similar to this:


Even if we decide to make this as default behavior in the newer theme version, old projects will not get this anyway because we can't update themes along with updating KVS.

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