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  1. M3Server have the options to deploy storage server. But, they told the script doesn't support the full content conversion server or CDN from M3. Do you have ideas how to make CDN work for M3Server?
  2. Yes, a really great suggestion. Can you get some insight about how to achieve bigger screenshots and "shrink" them in KVS default theme?
  3. Hi, Is there any way to donating tokens for videos and albums the people like to the webmaster(to the main admin account) or deduct the amount of tokens as the user likes to pay from the video view or the album view. Help is much appreciated. This is a really awesome feature if can be applied and we just give the option for the users to donate as they like and doesn't force them to pay. Please help with the theme changes required to make this work from the video view page and album view page. Thanks a lot in advance for any help or suggestion about how to acheive this monetisation option or the ultimate package with full source code. Once again a Big thanks for everyone who can add some contribution about how to achieve the above mentioned goal.
  4. I might be interested. how much is it and can I see a working demo
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