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  1. for load balancing the database, Why we cant just move the database in a separate server? This is what my sysadmin suggested, What kind of issue we may face by doing that?
  2. As you know CentOS 7 will reach end of life on June 30, 2024. (In next 3 years). Red hat has shutdowned the project last year. What OS do you suggest perform best for KVS?
  3. Most of load is on my database. I am very disappointed at KVS. There is a hard limit on how big your website can get because KVS is not designed for handling large traffic. I see hundreds of non-essential features in KVS being developed or upgrade (which is great) but this issue should be priority number 1 and it looks like it doesnt look emergency to you, because probably only less than 1% of your customers hit this limit. Mechbunny doesnt have 10% of KVS features but they have figured it out long time ago how to load balance everything.
  4. What are current solutions for load balancing main server?
  5. Thats great will main server load balancing be available in KVS 5.5.0 ?
  6. Please make load balancing on main server available. or write a guide on how to do it with current KVS version, All support do is increasing page cache time and disabling search suggestions. It will reduce website usability, They are not real solution. (search suggestion was great feature ) Please provide a real solution on how to load balance high traffic website on KVS Thank you
  7. Is there any method for load balancing the main server? My main server is reaching to its breaking point. (2ook daily visitors). Can you tell me how can I load balance it?
  8. For galleries I found its better to not touch the image and add any filter but for thumbnails and screenshots it makes them look good. for example spankbang thumbnails/screenshots looks very good. https://spankbang.com I found a good filter for imagemagick at this website but I am not able to scrape the command line codes from that, Any one can findout what he is using? http://www.fmwconcepts.com/imagemagick/adaptivegamma/index.php
  9. he is saying the pop shows on 2nd click not first one
  10. More than 76% of users browse web by mobile devices. Mobile phones scale up small thumbnails and images on website to fit them in their screen, While a 200x150 px thumbnail might look decent on a computer desktop, It will look low quality on a mobile because of upscaling. If you check the desktop version of KVS on a mobile device then you can see true size of thumbnails which are very small. Please look at these examples: (check it with your mobile) https://justifiedgrid.com/features/retina-ready/ Retina Ready websites will save thumbnails or generally images at different resolution and it shows to visitors base on their device the correct resolution.
  11. I wish to do that How can I change my vote to it?
  12. I have a feature request. Right now we can not disable some video format for low tier countries. For example I want to disable 4k and 1080p video qualities for some low tier countries but thats not possible. The solution from support was to give a very low bitrate for those format on low countries to make playing them impractical. It has 2 problems. 1) It gives bad user experience, since visitors from those country can see the format is available but its slow, They think the whole website is slow. 2)By doing that I can not limit video bitrate globally, It means some one with 1Gbps internet access can eat up my whole server bandwidth. I think this can be a good feature for future KVS development.
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