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This is not true the default theme always has above 90 on pagespeed. Desktop close to 96+


Well, the actual mobile index for kvs-demo.com is ~70 for index page:




But the huge problem is Google reCAPTCHA (yes, they created a product that doesn't fit into their page speed).


If you disable Google reCAPTCHA, you will get close to 90:



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Please note the following overall comments:

  • KVS doesn't affect GPI except player files. We already have some requests to update player to remove some warnings in GPI. Anything else is theme related and can be customized with theme developers.
  • Google reCAPTCHA is brutally decreasing performance index. Do not use it if you are concerned about your GPI.
  • Any 3rd-party advertising is decreasing GPI. Do not include static advertising if you are concerned about your GPI. Consult your advertising partners if their ads are reported by GPI and ask for alternative ways to insert ads.

From our side we will do our best to update player to not be reported in GPI, but in some cases GPI metrics are stupid and cannot be followed directly without losing functionality.

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I got my score up to 87 for mobile now and almost 100 for desktop, I disabled google recaptcha and setup cloudflare since version 5.2 has chunked uploads, all is good now :)

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I think the main recommendation would be to move some CSS styles inline and to include CSS files at the end of HTML (in footer). Also to avoid using web fonts for icons and instead specify icons as inline SVG elements.

This should reduce the latency of First Contentful Paint (FCP) and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).

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