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  1. Where is the option to ban a member? when i go into the settings on specific accounts i don't see any options to ban.
  2. Am I being totally blonde, but where is the option to ban a member completely (for example bans all logged in IPs and emails?)
  3. Is it possible to add icons next to text in the site navigation? If so what code would be required to do such a thing?
  4. Is this possible to do? I can only see the option for watermarks on smaller images, or am I missing out on something?
  5. Do you know what I would need for whatsapp, the discussion is rather confusing
  6. Sorry, I fixed this issue, I mean is there a command for a total model and total album count for the main models pages and the main albums pages?
  7. Hello, I'm also trying to add a total photo count of each album in the album titles but when I add %total_photos% or %total_count% the number counter doesn't appear.
  8. Add a payment method for premium members to use crypto?
  9. I'm trying to figure out a way I can share direct links to specific videos and have that video playing in that desired app, sort of the same way we can share youtube links in twitter/whatsapp chats and the videos are able to directly play within that app/platform. Is this a simple feature?
  10. Hi, I'm trying to add a %total_videos% function in the SEO text (search_seo_text) for search queries but this doesn't seem to show. Is there something I'm missing here?
  11. Maybe answer support tickets? This is by far the worst thing I've never experienced. My site is completely offline and my tickets have been ignored for hours...maybe have a automation update? Or advise customers to open support tickets when updating because your guide just downed my site.
  12. I also would love to know how to enable a 'verified' badge for users that are trusted. This would help make the community of my site look more nice and who are loyal uploaders
  13. Since the news of pornhub disabling downloads the pornhub grabber no longer works, will this issue be fixed at all?
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