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  1. I removed the sidebar from homepage and changed the colors on dark theme. apart from it I removed the uploader's name upload date from the listing
  2. 15% on default theme with slight modifications with ads
  3. That's great. I was wondering if it's also possible to differentiate referrer on regular advertisements under website ui
  4. Thank you so much for this. little clarification, does it mean we can now set to show more ads from people who visit our site from a specific referrer?
  5. There should be a poll for next update once the current 5.5.0 gets finalized. Depends on the poll results, the features will be added but I'm not expecting it to happen this year tbh
  6. It's possible that you are running our of bandwidth on the storage server or your primary server is failing to connect or timing out at storage
  7. google is bringing web vitals to their update algorithm this year so this would help tremendously Google Page Experience update is all set to launch in May 2021 - Webmasters, hang in there! (searchenginewatch.com)
  8. Hey, little correction here. I was able to do 400 tasks a day, and since I use semi-video processing, each video makes 4 tasks for me per video so that's 100 videos a day with 10 small vps
  9. If over half of them is from tier I countries and around 30% from USA, you can get some very nice deals. Try contacting them yourself, so send me a PM and I'll see if I can arrange some sort of meeting for you
  10. Can agree, the user ghosted in for 5 days and upon pinging, came up with a ridiculous amount that probably no one in their mind will be willing to pay for the task I asked about.
  11. Depending on how much traffic you have, have you tried contacting some ad networks other then exoclick and asked for an offer?
  12. Hi, Can we please get rid of this notification in next update? I've used it once to test and now I've disabled it but I still see this message. It'd make sense to show this message if I had screenshot scoring enabled.
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