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Mass editing Titles


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Do you mean to manually decide what to do with each title? Then editing via editor is the only possible way for now. No support for grid editing at the moment.

If you need to delete some same text from titles, then could be done with direct SQL query (using phpmyadmin for example):

update ktvs_videos set title = replace(title, 'xxxxx', '') where gallery_url!='';

NOTE: the code includes filter to affect only videos that were added by grabbers (to avoid accidentally affecting other videos). To apply this replace on all videos you need to remove "where gallery_url!=''" at the end.

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Can we expect feature of grid editing in future update? Sometimes it gets too hectic when you have to edit titles of multiple videos, going through the whole page just for editing the titles for removing unncessary title text like hyphon, symbol urls or certain text.

I am eagrly waiting for this grid editing feature for quickly editing the titles.


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When the video title is changed on the KVS video edit page the directory is updated by KVS automatically to also align. Correct?


If instead the video title is edited directly in the database will KVS detect the change and auto update the directory also? If not what would be the recommended approach to generate the new directory to align with the new title?

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Ok so the directories can be sorted after in batches.

To edit the title in the database, the default view of the title column shows only a very narrow column. Please could you advise how to increase the width of the title display so it is readily readable? (switching columns on/off from the display seems ok but I can't see how the width is adjusted)

Thank you

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