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  1. So I have grabbed about 11,000 videos so far from various sites, with this, many, many tags have ben added. There are over 300 categories, 18,000 tags! What is the best way to condense these tags, as my tags page is getting out of control.
  2. We're doing an SEO push for our site, using Ahrefs, one of the issues that arises is each tag page is a duplicate meta description. Is there any way to make this dynamic, somehow added in the tag page name into the meta description?
  3. The tags page for default theme is failing mobile tests due to the stacked tags with not a lot of padding between them. Was investing the CSS, it since it seems that these are all default <li> that adding padding-top to the <li> makes ALL website <li> have padding-top. Is there a specific class related to these tags that I can edit to add more padding and pass mobile test?
  4. Every video uploaded is showing as 404, however they're actually there in the server when I look via FTP.
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