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  1. yes it was selected, I unchecked it as per your instruction, now it is showing broken thumbnail while editing the video. I am using Xvideos Grabber, isn't it possible to grab thumbnails from the source (xvideos) Those screenshots are usually better than self generated thumbs.
  2. Hello Tech Support, I recently started to use xvideos grabber to self host videos, but I must tell you quality of thumbnails are actually horrible, I searched through the whole forum but couldn't find any tutorial /tweak or setting to optimize and improve thumbnail quality. If there is any tutorial available please point me to the link It is really frustrating to continue with such poor thumbnails. Thanks
  3. I hope it will be done soon :) And @TechSupport can you please help me on this or at least point me into the right direction. I am really banging my head but couldn't find the solution, wondering how all other KVS owners doing this. All the big major tube sites using KVS have nearly perfect clickbait screenshots and well sorted videos which seems relative and matches to that category. On the other hand while I tried to automate, things didn't go well, I got completely irrelative videos to irrelevant categories instead. So I started doing (pseudo) manually one by one, and in 10 days i could add only 646 videos which is again a very time consuming and a very boring process. So is there any way or some hack or tutorial to achieve those near to perfect results with automation? if yes kindly point me to the right direction I am really losing my interest doing it manually every single video but still not happy with the result. Thanks!
  4. aha! I didn't know that I am currently on version 5.1.1 purchased around a year back but never used because the admin panel with so many options was not easy for me to migrate from WordPress to KVS and get used to it. But since when I am finally moved to KVS I am loving it everyday. :) I guess I'll have to buy again for the latest updated version 😖 Currently using this way only but if there would be a more easy way to manage feeds, that it would have been great. Like making a folder select the desired feeds and move them into that named folder. 😀
  5. Another request it would be super helpful if you allow admins (when logged) to edit a post/video by just clicking the thumbnail from the main page. Since i am manually choosing the thumbnails for every video (pseudo )for maintaining the quality, sometimes i have to edit a video thumb/title or just to make a tiny change i have to go into the admin dashboard and out of 10K videos database (which is growing rapidly daily) apply filters and search that specific video gets too disturbing and lengthy process for me while managing the content. So kindly allow logged admins to edit/delete content right from the main page (homepage) or category page /pstar name list etc. Thanks
  6. Thank you tech support for your response and considering my request. I would also like to give another feedback for the next update, I hope it will be honoured too. So the problem is when we add a feed for a very specific keyword say a pornstar name or specific category from different multiple sources, it becomes really messy to manage all those added feeds and find them for later run (specially when running manually) Is there any way you can group them or add some feature to easily manage the added feeds. I have created 90 cats and 200+ pstars name from different sources, seems like a complete mess and very confusing to manage feeds. Please introduce some easy way to manage 1000's of feeds (for instance grouping same sources/pstar/cats under one list) Thanks
  7. Hello, I am new to KVS and playing around with it's features. I ended up with my search but couldn't find this particular option not sure if it is already available or not, so creating this thread. Sometimes we just need to change the URL of the source feed provider and rest every field are usually same for example if I am adding 10 feeds from a source with 10 different cats, I only need to change the feed url. Can you please tell me if it is possible to copy already imported feed and just change its name/title and the URL without adding and matching every required field. Or if there any other easy way to do this? Thanks
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