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any plan to add HLS ?


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Yes, we will add HLS support in future updates. Old projects will be able to switch to HLS for old videos (if enough disk space), or to only have this for new videos. Or to migrate old videos to new servers and create HLS formats for them.

This requirement affects many functionalities in KVS, so need long time to do.

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3 hours ago, leonrak said:

1) Can users still download videos if we have already enabled download feature?

HLS format is not downloadable. If you want to provide download option you will have to keep MP4 files in addition to HLS.

For example you have 1080p video. You can provide it in HLS in 1080p, 720p and 480p qualities, plus you can have 480p and 720p MP4 files for download. This will greatly increase your storage space, so kind of trade-off.

3 hours ago, leonrak said:

2) In terms of bandwidth efficiency, How much HLS is better than current one?

Not much. The real power of HLS is that video quality is adjusted automatically based on user network speed, so that video plays without any slugging / delays. This is very important for long videos, and for mobile users with unstable network.

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