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Who also got hit by Google Core Update March 2024

Who also got hit by Google Core Update March 2024  

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    • Traffic increased
    • Traffic remained the same
    • Traffic decreased more than 25%
    • Traffic decreased more than 50%
    • Traffic decreased more than 75%

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Did you received a manual action by chance?  I know alot who have and been completely removed from Google.

I'm in a few different niches  adult & main stream -  3 out of 5 so far have seen declines. ~20%

If you're interested - here is a list of some main stream sites the SEO Gurus on X/Twitter have put together that have received manual actions for using what they "Google" considers AI Spam and backlink spam and not adding any new value to the search engine - so they have removed their sites completely. 


Some of these sites were getting millions of hits a month and Goggle just removed their whole site.

My tube sites don't seem to be hit too hard - yet -  This roll out is suppose to take 30 days - then the next one May 5th. 
My blogs are the ones that have been hit most - so far.

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No manual action taken. I'm in the OF leaks scene, not sure if some keywords have perhaps been targeted in this update. My second tube, which is smaller, has not been affected for some reason, despite having many similar videos but different SEO.

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On 3/12/2024 at 5:12 PM, Jim said:

This is the official statement on the update:



There is mention of "manual action" in the thread, how would this happen and work?

You would see the notification in your Google Search Console under Manual Actions & Security - if you don't use that, and good way to confirm if Google has removed your site is to type site:yourdomain.com and see if anything comes up.

If your result looks like this, your site has been removed, and you would need to go into search console, fill out the manual review and state what actions you took to fix the issues and ask to be re-indexed.



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