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Albums list is displayed by list_albums block. So in order to show list of connected albums you need to insert list_albums block into View Video page template:

{{insert name="getBlock" block_id="list_albums" block_name="Connected Albums"}}

After saving page editor with this new line, it will create Connected Albums block in page blocks section. Then you need to go editing this block and configure it to switch into connected albums mode. In order to do this you have to enable mode_connected_video parameter along with var_connected_video_id (they are located under the same parameter group).

Finally you need to adjust Connected Albums block template to render albums instead of default <div>Connected Albums</div> placeholder. You can use this code from the start, that will simply re-use the default albums list display:

{{include file="include_list_albums_block_common.tpl"}}


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  • Tech Support changed the title to Default Theme View page Related Albums

Hi! I have used this code and works fine 

<div class="related-albums" id="{{$block_uid}}">
    <ul class="list-sort" id="{{$block_uid}}_filter_list">
        {{if $related_mode!=4 && $related_mode!=3}}
            <li><a data-action="ajax" data-container-id="{{$block_uid}}_filter_list" data-block-id="{{$block_uid}}" data-parameters="">{{$lang.albums.related_albums_title_default}}</a></li>

        {{if count($storage.album_view_album_view.models)>0}}
            {{assign var="models_title" value=$lang.albums.related_albums_title_by_model|replace:"%1%":$storage.album_view_album_view.models[0].title}}
            {{if count($storage.album_view_album_view.models)>1}}
                {{assign var="models_title" value=$lang.albums.related_albums_title_by_models|replace:"%1%":$storage.album_view_album_view.models[0].title|replace:"%2%":$storage.album_view_album_view.models[1].title}}
            {{if $related_mode==4}}
                <li><a data-action="ajax" data-container-id="{{$block_uid}}_filter_list" data-block-id="{{$block_uid}}" data-parameters="mode_related:4">{{$models_title}}</a></li>

        {{if $storage.album_view_album_view.content_source.title!=''}}
            {{if $related_mode==3}}
                <li><a data-action="ajax" data-container-id="{{$block_uid}}_filter_list" data-block-id="{{$block_uid}}" data-parameters="mode_related:3">{{$lang.albums.related_albums_title_by_sponsor|replace:"%1%":$storage.album_view_album_view.content_source.title}}</a></li>
    {{assign var="list_albums_hide_headline" value="true"}}
    {{include file="include_list_albums_block_common.tpl"}}



But I want to show related Albums "Vertical"  

What should I add or change in this code?

Thank you very much

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