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  1. I have try in Firefox and Brave and just reload the page when I click hide link, same on kvs demo site
  2. Hello! I have this error: "Validation failed for some storage servers." For albums and videos. If i change option in Streaming type: HTTP 302 REDIRECT to CDN AND BACK TO HTTP 302 REDIREC AND SAVE IT, WORKS FOR A WHILE AND THEN I GET THIS ERROR AGAIN. CAN SOMEONE TO HELP TO FIX THIS ERROR PLEASE!? Tank you
  3. Hello! I cant hide "KVS News" - Hide link doesn't work in admin panel...
  4. buy mistake I have selected subfolders 777, but I have changed to 755, what you recommend is best for safety of kvs for all subfolders and files? thank you
  5. Hi it is safe to have all the main directory and all subfolders 777 permission?
  6. Hi guys! I was trying to add new page but I'm getting error. before I didn't have this issue... help needed thank you
  7. You have to do yourself. I got Server Setup Service price is $99 and is 100% worth it. this guys know how and what to do, for kvs. And I have Webozo cPanel, I like it, but I pay for it $2.99/m. Check this link for more info: https://www.kernel-video-sharing.com/en/services/
  8. I know it was removed... but we can use the "addthis kvs module" for "Social Sharing Buttons" will be easy for kvs owners to add social buttons in the original kvs default location, so we won't make modification into themes, so people can use whatever social buttons they want in the same place... (sorry for my english). My website is not adult, so my traffic are most from social media platforms, thanks to share buttons... I want to use the same spot on my website but to change the code in "Social sharing: addthis with sharethis. The header buttons I changed but from view page I need help to find where to change the code... Please! thank you
  9. I would recommend Contabo VPS XL SSD 60 GB RAM, 1.6 TB SSD, 1 Gbit/s Port, 10 vCPU Cores. I am with them from 2017. The best, cheap, German Company
  10. Hello! Where to find to edit: Social sharing buttons from Share button under video/album view page? I want to change it with Sharethis... What you guys thing about Share This Social sharing? thank you
  11. Hi! I recommend you to get ULTIMATE $499 , one time payment, If you get monthly sub. in 10 months you will have paid this amount of $500... I was firs on monthly sub. and after 6 month I got Ultimate so I have spend $900 instead of $500. But you know better...
  12. Hi! I have used this code and works fine <div class="related-albums" id="{{$block_uid}}"> <ul class="list-sort" id="{{$block_uid}}_filter_list"> {{if $related_mode!=4 && $related_mode!=3}} <li><span>{{$lang.albums.related_albums_title_default}}</span></li> {{else}} <li><a data-action="ajax" data-container-id="{{$block_uid}}_filter_list" data-block-id="{{$block_uid}}" data-parameters="">{{$lang.albums.related_albums_title_default}}</a></li> {{/if}} {{if count($storage.album_view_album_view.models)>0}} {{assign var="models_title" value=$lang.albums.related_albums_title_by_model|replace:"%1%":$storage.album_view_album_view.models[0].title}} {{if count($storage.album_view_album_view.models)>1}} {{assign var="models_title" value=$lang.albums.related_albums_title_by_models|replace:"%1%":$storage.album_view_album_view.models[0].title|replace:"%2%":$storage.album_view_album_view.models[1].title}} {{/if}} {{if $related_mode==4}} <li><span>{{$models_title}}</span></li> {{else}} <li><a data-action="ajax" data-container-id="{{$block_uid}}_filter_list" data-block-id="{{$block_uid}}" data-parameters="mode_related:4">{{$models_title}}</a></li> {{/if}} {{/if}} {{if $storage.album_view_album_view.content_source.title!=''}} {{if $related_mode==3}} <li><span>{{$lang.albums.related_albums_title_by_sponsor|replace:"%1%":$storage.album_view_album_view.content_source.title}}</span></li> {{else}} <li><a data-action="ajax" data-container-id="{{$block_uid}}_filter_list" data-block-id="{{$block_uid}}" data-parameters="mode_related:3">{{$lang.albums.related_albums_title_by_sponsor|replace:"%1%":$storage.album_view_album_view.content_source.title}}</a></li> {{/if}} {{/if}} </ul> {{assign var="list_albums_hide_headline" value="true"}} {{include file="include_list_albums_block_common.tpl"}} </div>. But I want to show related Albums "Vertical" What should I add or change in this code? Thank you very much
  13. Hello! This is the code I use on My website: <em>{{$data.description|show_links:true:true}}</em>. So I have added <em>{{$data.description|show_links:true:true|replace:"\n":"<br>"}}</em> it's that correct?
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