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KVS 6.0.1 update

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Update status

6.0.1 update status is FINAL. You can download update in KVS client zone for all your licenses:



Update requirements

  • KVS 5.0.0+ (earlier versions should be updated to KVS 5.0.1 first).
  • PHP 7.1 - 7.4 (PHP 8 is not yet supported).

If you haven't yet updated KVS to 5.0.1, then please do, you can find KVS 5.0.1 update information here: KVS 5.0.1 update

Important notes for 6.0.1

  • There is a small issue during update procedure that comes from changing to the new admin panel code - admin panel will show you unexpected error after you copy update files to your server. This is because your browser still have the old admin panel JS in memory - so what you need is page refresh to load the new admin panel JS.
  • Please check KVS 5.5.0 and vertical screenshots issue in old projects issue if you didn't yet update to this version.
  • Please check important notes for 5.4.0 if you didn't yet update to this version.
  • Please check important notes for 5.2.0 if you didn't yet update to this version.


6.0.1 update procedure

Any project starting from 5.0.0 can be updated to 6.0.1 with one only procedure. Depending on your current KVS version, update procedure may contain additional steps for older versions.

You must use KVS update plugin in order to update your project. For update you will need:

  • KVS update ZIP archive for your project and its hash code for update plugin (contact support in beta phase to get these).
  • FTP connection to your project so that you can upload files.

Update procedure has the following steps:

  • Create backup using Backup plugin.
  • Upload update ZIP into KVS update plugin and specify hash code.
  • KVS update plugin will notify you if there are any custom changes in KVS system files, which will be overridden by update (player skins are not checked here, so they will be silently updated if have custom changes).
  • KVS update plugin will update database automatically.
  • KVS update plugin will ask you to copy files from the archive on top of your project using FTP or filesystem copy. Please make sure you are NOT USING sync functionality in your FTP client, which will delete many files on your server, because obviously update archive contains only part of all files. What you need is just to drag and drop files from update archive on top of your project root folder and confirm their re-writing (excluding _INSTALL folder, it doesn't need to be copied).
  • KVS update plugin will verify the updated files and finalize update procedure.
  • Use System audit plugin to verify that everything looks good.


Whats new in KVS 6.0.1

Beta testing bugfixes plus several new features: more token features in internal messages, more filters for videos and albums, highlighting of mentioned videos in feedbacks for easier DMCA handling.

1) In memberzone settings you can now configure individual internal message pricing for different members groups. Also members will now be able to earn a share of paid tokens from other users messaging to them.

2) Site feedback GUI will now highlight videos that were mentioned in message text via hyperlinks with ability to filter all these videos in one click.

3) Embed player profiles will allow using partial domain match for specifying their domain names.

4) Video and album lists in admin panel now support filtering by category groups, model groups, content source groups and channel groups.

5) When validating import data, KVS will allow skipping lines with invalid data format if any. Previously you would have to correct or remove them before moving forward.

6) Bugs that have been fixed:

  • [LOW] Player poster should display video title in alt attribute.
  • [LOW] Access code transaction auto-closing revoked premium status in some rare cases, when was not necessary.
  • [LOW] Several minor issues in 6.0 reported during beta testing.
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