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Is there a Random link functionality in KVS?

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Good afternoon,

Is there a functionality in KVS where we can use 1 link that would take every visitor to a randomly selected video?

.. as an example, in emojipedia there is https://emojipedia.org/random/

here is another sample (my hobby project) of a /random.php functionality (cms: open source photo gallery Piwigo): https://artforweb.co.uk/random.php


In this case > we could shoot traffic to this link and the visitors would be more or less evenly spread across the videos.



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3 hours ago, Tech Support said:

For activating auto-play please go to Settings -> Player settings and enable auto-play in options.

Thank you. This has been done already.

When users click on a video from a frontpage or inner page > a video page opens and autoplay starts

But, when a person opens a url directly, a video waits for the user to press play.

Sample of a direct url:



Or, have we missed anything? :) Thank you, H

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Video autoplay is not a guarantee. Some browsers only let users decide (e.g. Firefox). Some browsers evaluate previous user behavior within the site, and if user already watched a video there, they will allow autoplay next time (Chrome).

Here is a summary from Firefox DEV docs:



As a general rule, you can assume that media will be allowed to autoplay only if at least one of the following is true:

  • The audio is muted or its volume is set to 0
  • The user has interacted with the site (by clicking, tapping, pressing keys, etc.)
  • If the site has been allowlisted; this may happen either automatically if the browser determines that the user engages with media frequently, or manually through preferences or other user interface features
  • If the autoplay feature policy is used to grant autoplay support to an <iframe> and its document.


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