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Admin notifications feature was started with some critical issues and warnings. We noticed that admins very often ignore issues posted to start page of admin panel, however in most cases they should never be ignored and may indicate problems with your project. We want admins to put more attention to them, so we added them into admin panel menu display to highlight them:



In future updates we will continue re-working this functionality and will expose more notifications to menus, but will also allow to hide some non-important notifications.

For now in 5.3.0 we only displayed those that we think are most important and should not be ignored.

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3 hours ago, Emilia said:

It looks great, but it might also be annoying, I do like that in future you'll be re-working on it to hide non important stuff.

Actually the indicators that we've just added are ALL important. We didn't add non-important stuff for now just for the mentioned reason - we want to allow to hide them in the first place, and we don't have time to work on these settings for now.

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