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Tutorial KVS WordPress plugin


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Because I like this plugin and I think the team did a very good job, I thought I would make a short tutorial.
In this tutorial I will provide examples to see how it works or looks on the live site.


What you need:

1. Wordpress installed on the host
2. Rank math plugin for instant index
3. A simple theme to support video post type
4. Minimum knowledge of php code editing


I assume that you organize your content on KSV site on Channel, playlist, custom tag.


1. First we create the feed on KSV site

I make a feed for each channel. In this way I can import only the appropriate content on each site / domain.

- Title - name your feed

- External ID - Write something unique and without space

- Max limit - I do not recommend setting high values because if you are on a shared hosting the host will die immediately.
10 videos per hour I think is enough and this way you have no problems with the host.

- Pasword - Do not use the password because the plugin will not work.

- Filters - in this case we filtered the content according to the channel and tag.

- Feed data - I have enabled Category and Tag to be imported with the plugin.





My plugin settings on the import site.

- KVS Feed url - Link to the feed you created in the step above.  Or go to site.com/admin/videos_feeds_export.php

- KVS installation url - main url to your KSV

- Sync new video - It depends on each and especially the host. I chose every hour.

- Limit video - 10 

- Create post type: If you want the imported video to appear on the site as a post, then you must choose POST and check the box.

- Post Template - This is what i use:

Rating: {%rating_percent%}
[kvs_player id={%id%}]

Now you're watching <p>anything you want  {%title%} </p>

I use {%title%} to have some text for google. This will print the title of the video.

Categorization - Import category and tag from feed.








This my live site that i make today in 30 min.


I also used auto text generator for google to index better.

<p><strong>for bold</strong>
<?php bloginfo('name'); ?> - print the blog/site name
<?php the_title(); ?>  - print the post title  

You do the text yourself and include these php tags to generate the text and it seemed as unique as possible to google.
There are other better methods but this is something fast and easy to use.
This code is put in single.php

Once you have installed the plugin and put the feed link, the video will be imported immediately on the site.
Make the settings, go to KSV video and delete the imported video.
Then you import now and it will run on its own.


Suggestions for the team:


1. Possibility to add unlimited number of feed links
2. the possibility to choose from the previously created categories
3. the ability to choose or create a special tag for that feed
4. the possibility for the feed to work with the password. It does not work at this time, it gives an error.
5. if possible to be integrated with Rank math in order to use the instant index option. At this time it must be given manually, maxim 200 links per day/site.

That's all and I hope it helps. If you have any questions, post below and I will try to help.

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10 minutes ago, Nina said:

can we use this plugin to export wp data into kvs?


I wanna switch my CMS from wp to kvs is it possible? if yes kindly share the way how can i do this?


No, this is not designed to export Wordpress data into KVS. There is a problem with Wordpress, its data is not structural, and many videos are uploaded via different plugins, post types, techniques and so on, so it is not possible to create a general-type export into KVS.

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On 5/1/2022 at 1:50 AM, shuli said:

i get "Feed URL is invalid" every time

Please create support ticket for this. It could be:

  1. Wrong feed URL you are trying to enter
  2. Your admin panel is hidden from the public (and thus from the Wordpress as well)
  3. KVS version is less than 5.5.0
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2 hours ago, Tech Support said:

Please create support ticket for this. It could be:

  1. Wrong feed URL you are trying to enter
  2. Your admin panel is hidden from the public (and thus from the Wordpress as well)

i did. what do you mean admin panel is hidden please ? i couldnt find such a thing in kvs

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