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How to protect your videos from being downloaded or parsed

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There are many sites which can be used to download videos from 3rd-party tube sites. For example this one: tubeninja.net

KVS tube script comes with a fully-featured protection mechanism, which can do 3 things for your tube site:

  1. Prevent other users from downloading your videos via web tube downloaders.
  2. Prevent any other scripts from parsing and downloading your videos.
  3. Prevent other tube sites from hotlinking your videos and stealing your traffic.

The settings are in Settings -> Content Settings under Video download script protection settings section:


What you should do is to make sure that Enable protection for video download script is ON, Hotlink protection type is set to IP and Enable links obfuscation option is also switched ON.

Link obfuscation will only work in KVS player. If you are using 3rd-party video player, then you cannot use this option. However, if your hotlink protection type is set to IP this will also prevent using web tube downloaders for your site. But your site will be vulnerable for other scripts to parse and download your content. If it is important for you to prevent that, you should use KVS video player and enable this option.

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14 hours ago, Emilia said:


could you explain what this option is and maybe show a working example?

Render file from this URL instead of video:

When a protection is triggered, KVS would return 403 error by default. But this option may allow you serving some static video file instead emulating that some video has actually been provided.

This option comes from very ancient KVS times and we are not sure why it was added at that time an whether it is still useful. We just keep it for now to be compatible with old projects that may have configured it already.

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16 hours ago, mongoose657 said:

How do I remove blocked IPs?

They will be removed automatically when stop downloading files according to your limit.

16 hours ago, mongoose657 said:

And the X video requests during X minutes before banning IP, does rendering previews by just browsing pages like index count towards this?

Do you mean mouse over the video previews? Yes, this also counts. That's why this limit is probably not relevant at the moment and should not be generally used. We need to think if we can exclude video previews from counting the limit.

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