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  1. Did the #1 voted feature get implemented? I am migrating some code over before upgrading KVS, and I wanted to make sure there's no conflict with my feature. I didn't notice any code implementing this.
  2. With the dynamic bitrate multiplier for speed limits, is the configuration with "limit_rate_after" on nginx still required? Does this mean the bitrate multiplier speed limit will start working after the "limit_rate_after" value from the nginx config?
  3. Is it not possible to load balance with a reverse proxy and adding another webserver?
  4. Feedback: Very unprofessional and sketchy Background: Contacted the user and we agreed on an hourly rate, and to do a test task first before committing to long-term work. At first, user was very hesitant to sign an NDA, which is my standard practice for all freelancers. About 2 weeks later he finally signed the NDA, and account details were given. I asked for an estimate in which he provided me around 2-3 days later. I questioned the quote he gave me, as it was a relatively simple task as a test, however I agreed and asked him I to just invoice me the total once done, and that I will review his code before the next task is given. At this point he says we should both move on and "I got things to do, find someone else to do it" and "Dont reach out to me again please thanks" and blocks me on chat. I suggest you don't waste your time with this user
  5. How can we make this show less frequently, instead of every session for each user?
  6. I was wondering something similar to solve the same issue, but with a different solution. Is it possible to designate 1 or more dedicated servers as "premium" servers to use in surge traffic? For example, if 1 video goes viral, and has thousands of people watching, this video is then assigned to a different server (in same group) that is dedicated to high viewing/viral videos, and then gets switch back to the general servers once there are less viewers?
  7. No, I am waiting for the new template to purchase and create one.
  8. Is there an estimate or timeline of when you think this will be completed?
  9. Can you give an example of how we could create a page for users to submit validation documents? For example, filling in text fields and uploading documents like an image or file?
  10. I'm just wondering if anyone has converted KVS from a tube/video sharing platform to a movie/TV streaming one before. I want to see examples to get an idea of how much development would be required.
  11. Just wondering if viewing VR videos is planned for KVS player?
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