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How to remove the intro from PornHub Community or the First seconds of all the videos


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A few days ago I saw someone asking how to do this and they did not give a solution, I bring them here it is very simple and useful if you download videos from pornhub community.


What you should do is the following:


1 - Go to settings

2 - Enter the video format

3 - Enter the video format (in my case I only have 1 which is MP4)

4 - Add this -ss 00:00:04 in the FFMPEG options

5 - Save the changes


With this, what we do is that when the video starts to convert, the video starts in the second 4 and eliminates the first ones that were followed.


I hope you find it useful


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Thanks for posting this.


But instead of adding an option into FFmpeg directly you can use one of the options below:




Moreover, in 4.1.0 we added the ability to customize different offsets for different content sources, for example if you import videos from multiple sites where intros have different duration. In this case you can enable a custom text field for content sources (Settings -> Customization) and then configure video format to use this field in Offset from beginning field:




Then you can configure different grabbers to set specific content sources for all content from these grabbers and in content sources (Categorization -> Content sources) you can define different duration / offsets in these custom fields.

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