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Verification of Server Setup and Installation Order for KVS Theme

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Hello everyone,

I'm planning to set up a server for a KVS theme and would like to confirm if the following setup and installation order is correct. This is my first time setting up a server and using Linux, so I want to ensure I'm on the right track. I aim to do this myself and set up my KVS theme website. Could you please review and let me know if there are any adjustments needed or if I've missed anything?

Server Requirements:

  1. Server Setup:

    • Unix-like OS (Windows is not supported).
  2. Install Apache:

    • Apache with mod_rewrite (-MultiViews).
  3. Install PHP:

    • PHP 8.1 (PHP 8.2 is not yet supported).
    • Configure php.ini with:
      • memory_limit = 512M
      • file_uploads = On
      • allow_url_fopen = On
      • Ensure disable_functions does not contain "exec".
  4. Install PHP Extensions:

    • MySQL Improved Extension (mysqli)
    • Client URL Library (curl)
    • Zlib Compression (zlib)
    • SimpleXML
    • Image Processing and GD
    • Multibyte String (mbstring)
  5. Install IonCube Loader:

    • IonCube Loader 13.0+ for PHP 8.1.
  6. Install MySQL:

    • MySQL 5.6+.
  7. Install FFmpeg:

    • FFmpeg 1.0+ with support for libx264, libavfilter, and AAC codec (libfaac, libfdk_aac, or native ffmpeg aac codec).
  8. Install ImageMagick:

    • ImageMagick with WebP support.
  9. Install cURL and Wget:

    • cURL.
    • Wget 1.14+.
  10. Install and Configure Nginx (Optional but recommended):

    • Nginx for proxying Apache.
    • Enable content protection by adding custom rules.
  11. Install Memcached (Optional):

    • Memcached.
    • PHP Memcached module.
  12. Install Youtube-dl or Yt-dlp (Optional):

    • Youtube-dl or Yt-dlp if video grabbers are needed.
  13. Domain Name Configuration:

    • Ensure a Latin domain name (punycodes are not supported).
  14. Testing:

    • Download and run the test script provided to check server configuration.

Is this the correct setup and installation order for the KVS theme? Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Would be interesting to know which version of Linux do you intend to use and if a panel (Fastpanel or another)?

What is the test script in section 14?

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