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Grabber issue


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when i'd liked to download the video instead of using embed code it give me this log 

[2024-03-22 16:15:02] INFO  Starting new import 60921538 with 1 threads
[2024-03-22 16:15:02] INFO  Starting import thread 1

-------------------------------------- 7_1.txt

[Thread  1] [2024-03-22 16:15:02] Started import 60921538
[Thread  1] [2024-03-22 16:15:02] Import thread has 1 lines to process
[Thread  1] [2024-03-22 16:15:02] Started line #1
[Thread  1] [2024-03-22 16:15:02] Grabbing gallery https://www.xvideos.com/video.upkdbhbce64/i_love_sucking_a_dick_before_they_get_foursome_in_my_cunt...
[Thread  1] [2024-03-22 16:15:02] Using grabber xvideos.com
[Thread  1] [2024-03-22 16:15:12] ERROR: grabber was not able to grab video files
[Thread  1] [2024-03-22 16:15:12] Finished


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2 hours ago, Tech Support said:

Yes, some grabbers may not work with some videos, because they don't provide full quality video files.

Is their any way to remove watermarks from xvideos?

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3 hours ago, Tech Support said:

The grabber was recently updated with that issue. Do you mean it is still not working?

Thanks for your reply.

- Grabber Version: v27

- Yt-dlp Version: 2024.03.10

Same error as OP. Seems issue yet to be fixed.

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Yes, this grabber is not working right now because yt-dlp is not updated with new URL pattern yet.

Yt-dlp is trying to fallback to their generic grabber, which doesn't support multiple quality factors and only provides some single video file. You can delete xvideos grabber and install Default Videos, which should work with grabbing only basic info using yt-dlp generic grabber.

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