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Different ways to upload video files into KVS

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KVS supports different content types for videos (uploading, embedding, hotlinking and other), here is full information about them: What video types are supported in KVS tube script and how they are different.

When using upload content type, you upload a source video file into KVS and then let KVS process it and store it using KVS storage system. During video processing phase KVS will create all required video formats defined in your settings. KVS will also try to create all conditionally-optional video formats, if the uploaded source file meets their size and duration limits.

The most common example here is when you have multiple video formats defined for multiple qualities, e.g. 360p, 480p and 720p. In such scenario 360p should be configured as required format, 480p and 720p should be configured as conditionally-optional formats. So that 480p and 720p are only created for source video files that allow resizing them to 480p or 720p respectfully. For example if you upload source file in 720p - all 3 formats will be created. If you upload source file in 480p - only 360p and 480p will be created, 720p format will be skipped. For source files with 360p or less quality KVS will only create 360p format, because this is the only required format in this configuration.


When using the described approach you don't need to think about source file original quality, all you need is to upload it as a source file with processing and KVS will then create all necessary formats. This processing will however take much time, because operation to create one video file from another uses your server resources very intensively. There can be scenarios when you will want to skip this processing:

  • You don't need to have multiple video formats, you need to show video in only one quality.
  • You already have video files in the needed format(s), for example you already prepared them using desktop software or you import existing video files from external sources.
  • You don't need any resize or watermarking on video files.

KVS provides ability to skip video processing for all or some files. In order to do that you should upload your video files not as source files, but directly into the needed video format(s). When a file is uploaded as a video format, KVS will not do any re-conversion with this file, the file will be saved in the same form as you've uploaded it. By doing this you can significantly decrease video processing time, but there are certain limitations you should be aware of:

  • No watermarking will be applied to the uploaded file as well as no resize and duration trim.
  • You should make sure that the uploaded file has valid format (e.g. if you upload it into MP4 format, the file should be a valid MP4 file, not any other video file). If you try to upload an invalid file, most probably there will be an error thrown during processing phase, however this depends on your ffmpeg version and it is also possible that there will be no error and you will end up with a video that is not playable via web player even if you can play it with your desktop.

If you have multiple video formats, you can choose to upload them all and fully skip conversion, or upload only one of them and let KVS create the rest.

Depending on which functionality you typically use to upload videos into KVS, they all provide ability to upload in both ways. Naming convention for this option is as following:

  • Source file (with processing): means that the uploaded video file will be considered as a source for all video formats that will be created by KVS.
  • Format "XXX" (without processing): means that the uploaded video file will be uploaded directly as the given format, so it won't be processed by KVS (other formats may be created from it if required).


Manual video adding

When adding videos manually you can see a field to upload as a source file (Source file) and separate fields to upload into each specific video format (e.g. Format "XXX"):



Videos mass import

In mass import for each field you can either select if it should be considered as a source file (Source video file (with processing)), or as a specific video format (Video file "XXX" (without processing)):



Videos importing feeds

In importing feed settings you can choose whether all video files from this feed should be considered as source files (Source file (with processing)), or as files of a specific format (Format "XXX" (without processing)). Importing feeds do not support uploading multiple files in multiple video formats:




FTP content uploader plugin

Using FTP content uploader plugin is quite tricky if you have multiple video formats and want to upload them as formats without processing. In order to do that you should name your video files based on postfixes you have in video formats. For example if you want to upload only 1 format per each video, you can still put all video files into 1 upload folder, but make sure that their file extension match the postfix of the video format you want it to be uploaded to, e.g. test.mp4 will match video format with .mp4 postfix. Also you should set Video formats option to detect postfixes:


If you want to upload multiple video formats for each video, then you should put files for the same video into a subfolder under your upload folder. Each file should have filename based on video format postfix you want it to be uploaded to, e.g. test.mp4, test_480p.mp4 and test_720p.mp4 for formats with .mp4, _480p.mp4 and _720p.mp4 postfixes.

Then on summary page you can check if all the formats have been detected as expected:



Grabbers plugin

In grabbers plugin if you want to download only 1 video file, you can simply select whether it should be considered as a source file or specific format file under upload as option:


If the source site provides multiple video formats, you can download as many of them as needed and upload as specific video formats. In order to get these fields displayed you should switch Quality field to Multiple value:


NOTE: downloading multiple files from grabber could be slowly due to bandwidth throttling on the source site. If your project's conversion power is high, it may be faster to download only 1 file and then create other formats via KVS.



Uploading as a source file with processing:

  • Should be used by inexperienced users.
  • You can upload any source file with any quality (480p, 720p and etc), KVS will automatically decide which formats to create.
  • KVS will create all the needed formats with all their settings, e.g. watermarks, quality, duration trim.
  • Works slow due to video conversion utilized.

Uploading as a format file without processing:

  • Should be used by experienced users if all restrictions are not a problem (you don't need watermark and etc. see below).
  • Video file format and quality (480p, 720p and etc.) should exact match video format settings.
  • No watermarking, quality change and duration trim will be done.
  • Works incredibly faster.
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