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What video types are supported in KVS tube script and how they are different

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KVS supports 4 types of videos which are different by storage model and how users see them.

Here is summary with explanation of pros and cons for each video content type.

NOTE: there is no way to migrate videos from one content type to another. You have to chose what you are going to use from the very start. However you can mix videos with different content types on your project, there is no issue with that, but functionality of each video will be different depending on its content type.


Video upload

This is the most common content type used. You upload source files or ready-made format files directly into KVS and KVS stores them on your server(s) / CDN and serves them from your server(s) / CDN. This content type allows you full control on everything about these videos:

  • Can be easily uploaded from local disk or link, no need to specify additional info;
  • Supports multiple formats (if you have KVS Advanced or above);
  • Supports timeline screenshots;
  • Supports download speed limitation;
  • Supports hotlink and download protection;
  • Supports creating new video formats if needed (if you have KVS Advanced or above);
  • Supports moving files between servers;
  • You can use your own player and advertising strategy.

There are 2 main drawbacks with using this approach:

  • Since the files are stored on your servers or your CDN, you pay for storage and traffic;
  • Additional time and server resources are needed to convert such videos and push them to your server(s).


Video hotlink

This content type means that your videos hotlink (directly use) video files located on other servers, which are allowed to be hotlinked publicly. In this case KVS is not responsible for any aspect of these video files: if they are valid for HTML5 playing or not, if they are available or not, if they are deleted or not and etc. So for example if you hotlink 3rd-party files and their owner decided to move them another server and in most cases they will not bother about putting valid redirects - all your videos will become invalid and you can't do anything with them except deleting.

Another aspect here is that KVS needs to detect duration and take screenshots, so having a plain link won't work for this. There can be 2 options here:

  • You manually specify duration and upload screenshot(s) for each such video;
  • You don't do that and KVS will download video files from the given link for conversion, then this temporary file will be deleted. This can take much time depending on file owner's server download speed.

Sometimes if you import these videos from sponsor sites, the import data will contain duration and screenshot(s), so this won't be a problem.

Pros of using this content type:

  • Superfast processing if you specify duration and upload screenshot(s) manually;
  • No CPU resources needed for conversion;
  • No storage resources needed;
  • No traffic usage;
  • You can use your own player and advertising strategy.


  • You have absolutely no control on these files, they can be deleted or moved and this will affect your project immediately;
  • Multiple formats and timeline screenshots for hotlinked videos are not supported;
  • Video files available for public hotlinking are usually streamed with a very slow speed and your users won't be happy.


Video embed

This content type is very similar to hotlink, but instead of specifying video file URL you specify embed code (the whole player code). Also here you don't have choice either to specify duration and screenshot(s) manually or not - you must specify them. But this is not a problem since in most cases embed codes are massively imported either via manual import, or automatically parsed from other sites together with duration and screenshots using KVS tube grabber plugin.

Pros of using this content type:

  • Superfast processing, you can import 1000s of embed codes within a day;
  • If using embed codes from HQ tube sites their usability will also be high and your users will be satisfied;
  • No CPU resources needed for conversion;
  • No storage resources needed;
  • No traffic usage;
  • Good approach to promote one of your tube sites with using its embed codes on other sites.


  • You have absolutely no control on player and advertising strategy in player, monetization may suffer;
  • Some embed codes will automatically redirect users to their sites when users initiate player, which is not good for your SEO;
  • If source site is hacked with malicious code, your site's users will also be affected via iframe embed codes.


Pseudo video

This is a very specific content type to promote one tube site via set of another tube sites or to be used in link trade schemes. Such videos have no content to play on your site. They only have screenshot, duration and link to a target video page, which are in most cases imported automatically by tube grabbers or feeds. KVS supports 2 behaviors for such videos (can be switched via Settings -> Website Settings -> Pseudo-video behavior option):

  1. Clicking a video on your tube's list page will directly redirect user to the target site, either via direct URL, or via pseudo-URL on your site;
  2. Clicking a video on your tube's list page will show video page on your site, but instead of player there will be poster image + play button linked to the target site.

There are no pros and cons for this video content type like for others. It is designed to be used for specific cases and other content types won't suit here.

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