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How to increase daily content delete limit which is 1000 by default?

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KVS has a maximum daily content deletion limit of 1000 which is set by default in order to avoid accidental or malicious content loss. This limit is set at system level and works regardless on whether the content is deleted by superadmin, site users or other KVS subsystems.

If you need to massively delete content, you will find the warning on start page after KVS processes 1000 content (videos and albums are both counted here) deletion. In order to increase this limit, you need to modify /admin/include/setup.php file via FTP or server File Manager. This option configures the limit:


If you can't find this option in your setup.php file, then you need to add it as a new line with the needed value.

WARNING: please make sure you have a local backup copy of setup.php file. This is a system PHP file and breaking its syntax may result in KVS stopping working immediately.

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