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  1. Unfortunately it is not possible to update KVS theme like you can normally update KVS. Theme is subject to intensive customization: you modify styles and advertising (yes, advertising in KVS is part of theme as ads are displayed inside theme layout), you change texts and configure SEO. Updating theme with keeping your custom changes is not technically possible. The only possible way is to reset theme to a new version. When we say reset, we mean that your site will start looking like it was at initial KVS installation: You will lose all custom styling You will lose all site advertising (except in-player advertising, as player is not part of theme) You will lose all text changes, logo change You will lose all SEO changes (e.g. HTML titles, descriptions, SEO texts will be reset to their default values) So, this is only feasible if you still didn't start your site, or you didn't put much customization into it and can re-do everything quickly. Is there any sense to update theme at all? - We would say "no", since we don't put much changes into themes. The vast majority of theme changes are cosmetic changes only. All changes that we considered to be really important (e.g. search suggestions, chunked upload), were provided with a guide on how to put them into old theme version, examples: If you still for any reason want to reset to a new theme version, please contact support to get instructions, we do not want to print them publicly to prevent from accidentally resetting theme.
  2. KVS Project backup plugin can be used to either restore theme from a specific date, or to move theme from one project to another. Step1. In order to create theme backup for copy please go to Plugins -> Project backup and choose backup website option there. It will create an archive with theme backup in the backup directory configured in plugin: You can also choose any of the automated backup file, every of them contains theme backup. IMPORTANT! Theme backup also includes advertising defined in Website UI -> Advertising section, as advertising is part of theme. By using backup archive to restore theme you will also restore advertising to the date of backup. Step 2. When you have the needed backup archive, unpack it locally to some directory. Backup archive may contain multiple sub-directories, but the only needed sub-directory is website. Step 3. By using FTP client connect to your server and drag and drop the contents of website sub-directory on top. Using drag and drop is the best way to make sure that you NEVER EVER use "sync" function, because "sync" function can destroy your project without ability to restore it later. We recommended using free Filezilla FTP client: After the copying is finished, your project will have theme version from backup. Step 4. If you move theme from one project to another, it may not work correctly after copying. The reason is that theme may refer screenshot and album formats that are not available in your new project. Go to Website UI -> Theme settings and check if there are any errors displayed about formats being used. You may need to either choose another formats, or create the missing formats in your new project. Another issue could be that your theme is using some 3rd-party files, scripts, images that are not known to KVS backup plugin, so that they were not included into backup archive. Then you should typically see some 404 errors in your project when looking into Network or Console section of browser DEV tools. You should solve these by manually copying the missing files and / or sub-directories from your old project. Finally you may also experience lack of editing permissions in KVS admin panel when opening certain objects in Website UI section. To make sure you won't have this, please login to your server command line with administrative user and apply these command after opening your project www root to correct permissions for the copied files: find template -type d | xargs chmod 777 find template -type f \( ! -iname ".htaccess" \) | xargs chmod 666 find admin/data/config -type d | xargs chmod 777 find admin/data/config -type f \( -iname "*.dat" \) | xargs chmod 666 find admin/data/advertisements -type f \( -iname "*.dat" \) | xargs chmod 666
  3. Before moving KVS please make sure that your new server complies with KVS server requirements and has all required libraries installed. Please contact your host support to migrate all KVS files and database to a new server. KVS files should be put into TAR archive, so that they keep the same filesystem permissions. Once migrated, it is not recommended to switch DNS until you make sure that KVS installation on the new server is fully operational. In order to do this, you can locally switch your domain to a new IP (by adding local record into hosts file), access your site on the new server and check it. Here are steps that you should do to reconfigure KVS on a new server: Step 1. In /admin/include/setup.php update project_path option if KVS installation path was changed. Step 2. In /admin/include/setup_db.php update database connection details. Step 3. Try to login to admin panel by locally changing DNS to a new server. You should not have any issues with accessing admin panel at this point. Step 4. In admin panel go to Administration -> Installation info and make sure PHP, FFmpeg and Imagemagick libraries do not display any errors: If you see errors like "sh: 1: /usr/bin/php: not found", edit /admin/include/setup.php and fix each path that produces error to refer valid binary path for this library. Step 5. In admin panel go to Settings -> Storage servers and fix path for every local storage server that you have, if KVS installation path was changed. Step 6. In admin panel go to Settings -> Conversion servers and fix path for every local conversion server that you have, if KVS installation path was changed. Step 7. In admin panel go to Plugins -> Project backup and fix path for backup copies, if KVS installation path was changed. Step 8. In admin panel go to Administration -> Installation info and copy Cron command. Schedule this command on crontab to run every minute. Step 9. In admin panel go to Plugins -> System audit and run all checks except video content and album content. You can also run these checks if you want, but running them may take a lot of time if you have many videos and / or albums; therefore we recommend to run them later in a separate audit check. Make sure audit doesn't display any errors or fix any server configuration errors indicated by audit. Step 10. Open your site and verify its basic functions. The end. If everything is OK at this point, you can switch public DNS to a new server. If you have audit errors / warnings that you don't understand how to fix, please contact KVS support.
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