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CAPITAL LETTERS for some code

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Hi friends

If i have this {{$lang.html.videos_by_tag_title}} 

and in english version is, for example: Videos Tagged with %tag%

and for example will become into "Videos Tagged with amateur couple" 

How could i transform the full tagname in capital letters?  (i want AMATEUR COUPLE)

Tried with %TAG% but dont works ;)



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The HTML title is displayed in header template like this:


You can try to replace mb_ucfirst with ucwords function:


But I think it doesn't support non-latin characters.

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I have a similar question —were you able to get this to work?  It concerns titles on my website, which display each word's first letter in capitals, example - "The Best Places To Visit In Canada 2024".

Here's the CSS snippet I've implemented for CSS styling:

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {
  text-transform: capitalize;

This works only for the HTML - but not for search seo.  I can go in and manually edit each video's title, but its alot.


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It can be done via Smarty modifier when displaying a value from variable. For example for video title inside video_view block template the title is displayed like this:


You can change it to this:


But this only works with English base letter, not working with other languages.

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