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Optimizing Storage Server


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Recently I set up 2 storage servers - Utilizing a 2nd HD I already had on them. 
I'm noticing the videos stored on those servers buffer and are slow to load more then the local videos. 

What settings should I double check ?   The other servers are using Cpanel , I double check the php.ini - firewall settings I can't see anything that sticks out since the server allowed the video upload in the 1st place, and it does stream, just buffers slow. 

The other servers are on a 1GB port - AMD Ryzen 9 5900X - 64Gb RAM - and the Hard Drive I'm using on those one are 4T SATA and the other is a 3.6T NVMe.

I'm wondering if the setting for grabbing these videos are on my main server.

Thanks  :) 





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Sorry, can hardly understand what you are trying to say. First you said about streaming / buffering speed, then about grabbing videos.

In general it is normal that videos on some server streaming slower than videos on other server due to different network connections between you and your servers. If you are located in Europe and have server in Europe it will stream videos to you faster than another server in USA, because of the latency difference. Also server load does matter, if some server is overloaded with other users, it will work slower than free server.

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Sorry- I didn't mean grabbing videos, as in the grabber plugin,  I meant when going to the video - the sever grabs the video from the other server.
All 3 servers are in the same country -  videos on the local HD load just fine - no buffering - but the videos on the other servers are slow to start and load. I was just wondering if there was a setting or module I should have installed. I did look into some forum, it might be an issue with NGIX cache on the other servers.  Thanks   

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Update -  We figured out the issue - It seems the other domain we were connecting to to get to the storage folder has some Apache security headers. 
We removed them and it seems to load ok now.

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