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Is it possible to add a server just to store the uploaded sources? instead of saving them on main server?

Or just save them on same directory as converted sources.

Important as I would like to save sources of all videos uploaded 

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The source files are always stored on the primary server. I doubt we will be able to ever change this, specifically because there is a working workaround to emulate source files being stored on storage servers.

What you need to do is to add an additional optional video format with some _source.mp4 postfix for example, and make sure all your videos are uploaded as this format, not as source file format (it is possible to configure this in all places where video upload / import is possible). Having this, KVS will save the uploaded video file without any processing into _source.mp4 format, and will create the rest of files from it. Then in _source.mp4 format settings you can also enable option that this format should be used as source for other formats, this will be used if in future you will want to re-create some formats, or screenshots.

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