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How do I insert custom images for the "Get Premium" pop-up menu and the "Instant Access" banner?


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20 minutes ago, Tech Support said:

This screen can be edited in Website UI -> Global blocks -> Signup Form Premium.

Could you please specify what part of the code I need to edit to add an image to the pop-up? I figured out how to replace the image for the "Get Instant Access" banner, however I'm having difficulty with figuring out how to ADD an image to the "Get Premium" pop-up menu.

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Disregard my last request, I figured it out. For anyone wondering, I replaced the "bg-modal-top-dark" JPG in the filesystem with my new image. The file is located in /var/www/fastuser/data/www/public_html/static/images.

@Tech Support I did find a potential issue you might want to look into fixing. The stock background image for the pop-up is out of alignment and doesn't fill the pop-up window, please see attached screenshot.

Screenshot 2023-12-21 184513 (markup).png

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First you need to set up a billing in Memberzone -> Billings section. When the billing is set up and activated, you can switch theme to display signup popup which is designed with displaying payment options. This is done in .htaccess file in this rule:

RewriteRule ^signup/$                               index.php?mode=async&function=get_block&block_id=signup_signup_form_simple&global=true [L,QSA]

You need to change signup_signup_form_simple to signup_signup_form_premium:

RewriteRule ^signup/$                               index.php?mode=async&function=get_block&block_id=signup_signup_form_premium&global=true [L,QSA]
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