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Grabber video limit?


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I recently started trying to grab more videos (public domain) from YouTube. Previously I could enter a playlist and download the complete list. Now with the newest version it seems I am limited to 96 videos. Is this something that changed with the grabber, or maybe a setting, or could it be something YouTube changed?


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It was never possible to parse full lists in Youtube. The reason is that Youtube doesn't provide public pagination controls, so there is no way to parse their site and find new videos. Youtube grabber can only parse some last videos, typically this was 24 videos. If your channel, playlist or search page contains more you will have to manually list (copy-paste) all videos to grab them.

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Please try this plugin


It says:


This extension allows you to :
- Custom drag a selectable area on the webpage from which all the links will be extracted

I guess with Youtube you can scroll your page down to have all 300 videos appear / load on the page and then try to select this area and see if it populates all the links.

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Well, looks good in theory. I tried it on a playlist with 180 videos. The list looked perfect, but once inserted into the grabber it somehow came up showing 5880 videos...wth?

Thanks for the try. Maybe with some trial and error I can get it to work. But right now I've already got probably several days of background tasks and processing several hundred videos and movies to complete yet before I can even sit down to edit, approve, and activate them all. 

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