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Private video visibility?


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I am trying to figure out if there is a way to hide private videos from public display. Instead of showing up on the page with the "private" label, shouldn't they be hidden from view other than to the video owner in their list of uploads? Then it would only be accessible by direct link to anyone else only if the video owner decides to give it out. 

Perhaps the label should be "members only" for the current functionality, and have an actual "private" setting? Or is there another way to hide a video from public view in the listings without making it inactive?

Thank you

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Yes, this is possible. You can configure each list_videos block on your site to show private videos to only members, or premium members. This is done by using show_private parameter in list_videos block settings (show_premium is just another example and affects premium videos):


The only difficulty here is that you should activate the same setting in multiple list_videos blocks across your theme, except internal blocks (e.g. my uploaded videos, my favorite videos). You can find all these blocks in Website UI -> Pages section by filtering list by list_videos text:


All of the found blocks are public, except blocks that are located on [Memberzone] My Profile page.

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Thank you,

In my case this will work as I don't have a premium membership (at least at this point). But I am wondering if there may be an update eventually that a user can keep a private video so that only the user can see it in their uploads list, and not in any public list? This can be very useful for instances where a video may have issues with quality or meeting site guidelines that it could be kept on the site without deleting it while it is in question. Another possibility is where a video (or more than 1) may have problems with others such as Google advertising that does not allow certain content so that video(s) can be "hidden" until that round of advertising or site review may be over with and the video(s) can then be made public again. Honestly, my site has already run afoul of the censors and Google policies with only mild "R" rated content.  

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