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Replacing video files not working

Mr. Pervect

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I am trying to replace MP4 video's but it puts the old video back after.
This is a message from my webhost about purging, ideally I want it to work right from the form.



Thank you for the details. The problem is indeed related to the CDN cache. If I bypass the URL, it loads the correct file.

Removing the cache completely from the CDN is not an option - it removes the whole point of the CDN.
I purged the whole p69696969 CDN zone. It should resolve the problem with uploaded files.

If you re-upload the files, the CDN cache must be purged. We can purge it for you. Or I can give you access to the CDN control panel to purge the CDN files yourself, if that is more convenient for you.
Alternatively, you can talk to the KVS team about the CDN cache-busting technique for preview videos.


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Yes, this should work right from the form, because KVS invalidates all files there were modified or deleted (invalidation is resetting the cache for specific files). But your CDN provided you with CDN API script that doesn't support invalidation, so you don't get this functionality.

There is a CDN API script that you have uploaded into /admin/cdn directory and specified in KVS storage server settings. This script contains invalidation function that should be implemented by your CDN provider.

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