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Importing Video error

Mr. Pervect

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I am trying to bulk import using Videos --> Import Video but my test with 1 video is not going succesful.

The fields are as follows:
1. Source video file (with processing)
2. Video file "MP4 Preview player" (without processing)
3. Video file "MP4 Preview" (without processing)

(Field 4 and Field 5 still have "Select")

The input is as follows:

The error I am getting:

1 Error Line #1 has invalid data format (for example, the line renders 5 fields, but in import options you selected only 4)


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By default KVS import settings use tabulator as field separator, but in your data you are using comma as a separator.

Please check this article about how to import, it proposes using Excel or similar tab editor to fill in the data, and theme select the filled data and copy-paste. Copying from Excel will copy with tabulator separator:

If you want to fill data in plain text editor, you should better use | separator, as comma is typically used in other contexts, e.g. specifying list of categories. Then you also need to update import settings to use | as a field separator.

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